All About MissTravel

By Sugar Experts

Sep 03, 2015

Brook switches it up in this episode as she talks about SeekingArrangement’s sister site, MissTravel. The site isn’t a Sugar Baby website, so don’t expect to be paid for your time, but you might find a generous travel companion. Who may pay for your trip.

What is MissTravel?

MissTravel is for travel lovers who don’t want to travel alone. The generous men are looking for someone to help them enjoy their trip, not someone who wants to be paid to go on an amazing trip. The vacation should be payment enough. Previously the site was centered around generous members who would foot the bill for attractive members, but things have changed. Brook sat down with Miss Travel’s very own spokesperson Hannahmae Dela Cruz to further discuss the details of the website.

Who should be on MissTravel?

MissTravel is for anyone who is tired of dating inside the box. MissTravel users go on first dates in far-flung and exotic destinations. Instead of dinner and a movie, our users get to know each other in Bali or let romance blossom in Mykonos. If you’re passionate about traveling and want to share new experiences with someone MissTravel is definitely for you.

What are the main differences between the new and old MissTravel?

There are no more labels! Over the past few years the MissTravel team has noticed a change in the way the core members have been using the site. The new site has been molded to fit travel needs instead of focusing on “Generous” and “Attractive” labels. MissTravel now puts an emphasis on trip types, with options such as “Take me” where you have the option of creating your own dream trip seeking out someone who will take you on it “50/50” where each person pays for half of the date, and “I‘m paying” where you have the option of going on an all expenses paid trip. Members aren’t just limited by their labels, their interactions can dictate what type of adventure they choose to take.

Why is MissTravel different from competing apps?

Unlike any other travel-dating app, MissTravel gives users the ability to offer trips to other users. If you’re looking to go to Bali you can ask a fellow member to go with you, you aren’t limited by who will already be there during your travel dates because there is no limit on the geographical area. You can share every step of the adventure with someone this way.
In addition, MissTravel gives users the ability to filter options based on trip types. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious or romantic getaway, or even a foodie or adventure date, MissTravel makes it easy to find a like-minded travel companion on our new innovative app.

What are some safety tips you can give someone who wants to try MissTravel but isn’t sure about the risks?

MissTravel presents risks just like any other dating site, afterall you are meeting face-to-face with someone for the first time. However, the site offers safety features that most other dating sites do not, so it’s important to take advantage of these. Make sure users you interact with are background verified and or verified by cam. Of course do your due diligence by researching, Facetiming or Skype calling members before agreeing to go overseas with them.

When you’re ready to book your trip, users are advised to stay in separate rooms and to have all tickets and accommodations under their own names. That way if the trip isn’t going the way you wanted it to, you have the power to change your travel plans.

What is the best profile advice you can give someone who wants to sign up?

Your default picture is the focal point of your profile. It can be the difference between someone clicking on your profile or scrolling past it. Showcase a photo of yourself at the Eiffel Tower or at an exotic beach to entice well-traveled MissTravel users to find out more about you. Also spend time on your description by letting your personality shine to grab even more attention.

You can check out MissTravel and create your own profile at

Have you ever used MissTravel? What was it like?