Beauty versus Brains in the Sugar Bowl

By JadeSeashell

Mar 07, 2018

Most Sugar Babies assume that Sugar Daddies are only looking for pretty faces and hot bodies.  However a major study conducted in Australia has some surprising and interesting findings.  Now we are going to look at this frequent topic of discussion

Do sugar daddies prefer gorgeous women or intelligent women? Let’s delve into the discussion beauty versus brains in the Sugar Bowl.

The New Trend

Research in Australia shows that a growing number of Sugar Daddies are looking for intelligent women these days. According to participants in the survey, love is easy to find. At least 50% of the population can find it. Career success is also not too hard to achieve as 10% of the population can have that.  Wisdom is rare – maybe only 1% of the population can get it.  Therefore, high-quality sugar daddies are actually looking for intelligent women. They want women who are well-educated, cultured and sophisticated.  A matchmaker for millionaires in the United States also mentions that in the millionaire dating sector, the most sought-after quality of women is intelligence . Many rich men look for intelligent women. It’s actually not easy to find intelligent women for them.  If it’s hard for a professional matchmaker to do so, apparently, intelligence is indeed something rare.

The New Observation

I am a library member. I go to the library frequently.  Interestingly I’ve realized that there aren’t many young women in the library.  Last week when I was borrowing some books the librarian said to me, “You are young and you read books!  That’s not very common.  I hope more young women can be avid readers”.  Later that day out of curiosity, I decided to go to a bookstore and do some observation. I spent 40 minutes in the bookstore and I saw 29 men (from all age groups) and 11 women (all over 50 years old).  I didn’t see any young women in the bookstore except myself.  Obviously that means young women are really not interested in reading books.  No wonder intelligence among beautiful girls has a gem stone effect in today’s day and age.

 Topics Indicate Dating Preferences

Most Sugar Daddies are self-made entrepreneurs. They understand the importance of knowledge and hard work.  They highly value intelligence, they will always appreciate women with brains.  The study also shows that Sugar Daddies’ favorite topics in their daily life are finances, investing and business. These are all considered as “manly topics” and dominated by men in almost every area.  Many Sugar Daddies suggest that because Sugar Babies are generally not interested in these topics. They can’t really discuss their favorite topics with their Sugar Babies.  So they would be very excited if they can hear these “masculine topics” coming out of a Sugar Baby’s feminine, red and juicy lips.  This kind of contrast is the biggest turn-on.

The Takeaway

Of course, Sugar Daddies like sexy bodies and pretty faces.  But we all know that beauty is common – it’s actually everywhere in modern-day society.  Here are Sugar Daddies’ real dating preferences: a high-value Sugar Daddy wants a feminine and elegant woman who thinks like men.  She doesn’t necessarily have to look like Victoria’s Secret hottest model, but she is a true lady.  At the same time, she highly values knowledge and learning. She is an intelligent, life-long learner.  That’s a high-quality Sugar Daddy’s ideal Sugar Baby.

Do you have a dating preference?  Please leave a comment below and let me know.