The Campaign for Positive Sugar

By young_dolli

Nov 16, 2017

With all the negativity surrounding the Sugar Baby lifestyle, we can agree Sugar needs a public makeover! Sharing your Sugar Positivity is encouraged, and all this month we invite you to do so at the link below!

Share your positive Sugar story

I can speak first hand about experiencing the negative stigmas of Sugar. When I first opened up about my experiences as an SB to some friends, I was met with ridicule and criticism. This obviously made me feel bad about not only being an SB, but also I felt a sense of shame.

The stigma of a female achieving her success through being able to independently learn to network, and grow from her journey, is what being an SB is all about. Below are ways in which to think about the culture of sugaring, and to open the dialogue in de-stigmatizing SB culture.


More and more, people are gaining the opportunities to advance their goals and aspirations, especially when it comes to starting their own business. Start-ups have gained momentum are a trend in our current society. Being an SB, allows to not only share dreams of starting and networking their own business, but it also allows room for serious investment.

Connecting with your SD or SM, and allowing them to support your business, is way better than taking a loan from a bank, which can be costly and financially risky. There’s a trust that’s already built between SBs and SDs/SMs, which SBs can utilize in order to be successful.


If business is not what you’re into, and you’re the type of SB who’s about living and experiencing life to the fullest, then take a moment to think about traveling the globe via the sugar bowl on SA or through It’s a privilege to be able to travel and experience other worldly cultures. With the help and support of sugaring, SBs are able to thrive and gain growth in not just ‘experience’, but perhaps gain a deeper and more fulfilling outlook in things outside of their comfort zone.

There are many individuals who have never traveled outside their city. To have an opportunity where SBs can visually and physically engage with other people, helps to unite and bridge gaps amongst differences.


The only other thing more frustrating than the stigmatization of sugaring, is the frustration in financing a sound education. The cost of higher education in the U.S. has become an expense that many simply cannot afford. These days stating what you want to become, is far easier than paying for the education to help make that dream a reality. With sugaring, many SBs have gained their degrees without the concern of repaying massive loans. Sugaring provides a cushion of support for those who are having trouble with financial aide and helps lessen financial academic stresses.

Sugaring provides access to valuable resources often times beyond the reach of many SBs. Sugaring is based on trusted relationships that permeate our lives on many levels. Sugaring can enhance not that stability of one’s life but one’s knowledge, skills, and awareness of countless things that will positively influence one’s life for the long term. Let’s eliminate the stigma associated with sugaring and acknowledge all the positive aspects of the sugaring lifestyle!