Celebrity Sugar Babies

By Ashleigh

Jan 20, 2016

There is no better example of a Sugar Baby than a celebrity. These women are surrounded by the wealthiest of men, sometimes even their wives. They played the game so well, some even fell in love and married their Sugar Daddy. What makes these celebrity Sugar Babies so successful? The fact that they are gorgeous definitely helped, but they chose to follow an ambitiously, unapologetic lifestyle, much like you and I. So here are some ladies who stopped giving a crap about what others said and allowed themselves to live–in style of course.

Melania Trump

In lieu of the election fast approaching and regardless of your stance of Donald Trump, his wife is undoubtedly a babe. The former model is 24 years his junior. She is the perfect exuberance of class. She knows when to interject her support, and when to hold her tongue. Sugar Daddies are people, not feelingless ATMs, so if your Sugar Daddy had a bad day with the stock market, or at the polls, skip asking for something and just be there for him.

Crystal Harris

Being a Playboy bunny not only got her name out there, but it got her a $90,000 dollar engagement ring, a mansion (perhaps not for long) and now a Vegas DJ residency. The 29 year old blonde may be kissing an 89 year old man at night, but not only is she making a name for herself, she is making more in one interview than we do in a year of paychecks. Sometimes a Sugar Daddy is the hand up you need in order to reach the next step to your dreams. The press may call her a gold digger. We call her a Goal digger.

Courtney Stodden

The reality show contestant was whisked away by an older man, or pediphile whichever way you want to see him. At 16, her parents approved her marriage and now the teenager has an account rivaling your parents’ pensions. Again this is Hollywood, so let this be a great reminder that SeekingArrangement.com does not allow anyone under 18 years of age to be on their website. For now, enjoy the mall on mom’s dime, sneaking out, and worry about fulfilling any Daddy issues after your 18th birthday!  

Anna Nicole Smith & Marilyn Monroe

While these two beauties may be popping champagne in heaven now, they helped pave the way to understanding what a Sugar Baby is. While most women were busy being subservient to their husbands, and washing reusable diapers, Marilyn and Anna were defying their generations. Not to say all successful Sugar Babies have to be big boobed and blonde, as we’ve definitely evolved. The Sugar Baby is a model, she is a student, she is a mom, she is the CEO of her company, she is the server at your favorite restaurant. Understand that being a Sugar Baby is a state of mind. It’s knowing how valuable your company is, and spreading your positivity and companionship to those you find worthy.


What other Sugar Baby celebrities can you think of?