Dating a Sugar Daddy with Opposing Political Views

By Delilah James

Dec 20, 2016

The results of the past election were scary for many American citizens, specifically women.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, then Trump’s four years in office may affect you in a negative way, whether he tries to take away abortion rights, make birth control not coverable by insurance, or simply makes the men of our country think that it’s okay to sexually harass women.

Unfortunately for us, many older men, specifically white ones, do support Trump. And while you may have not been politically inclined before, this election was serious, and you may be wondering what to do if your daddy is pro-Trump. Do you stir the pot? Do you hush up and pretend you voted Republican too? Do you continually wear pantsuits and hope he gets the hint?

Here’s how to handle dating a Daddy that has opposing political views than you do, from someone who dates a dude that supports Trump and manages not to strangle him.

Consider Avoiding The Topic

Women tend to be unfairly told to keep quiet when it comes to their controversial opinions. I wouldn’t normally tell you to shut up about politics, but with your Sugar Daddy is one time where it would make sense to. If he never brings up politics, he probably doesn’t want to talk about it, and you don’t need to start an argument unnecessarily.

After all, you don’t need to get in fight with your source of Sugar, right? It’d be like getting in a fight with your boss, except in a Sugar Daddy world. Definitely don’t bother bringing up politics unless he brings it up first.

But Don’t Hold Your Tongue If He Brings It Up

If your Daddy does bring up politics in some way, shape, or form, he clearly wants to talk about it, and may even want to hear what you have to say about it. After all, you’re a young woman, and likely have a completely different political opinion than him, or at least a fresh perspective. Don’t come at him guns blazing, but don’t be afraid to show him that you can have an educated conversation about politics, and that you’re more than just a pretty face!

Refrain From Shouting Out Generalizations

With such a radical election, it’s easy to call someone who supports Trump “racist” or “selfish” or “stupid.” For obvious reasons, you shouldn’t do this. Not only will it not help your argument at all, it will also shut down the conversation completely, and maybe make your Daddy consider getting a Sugar Baby that sees things from his point of view.

Do Your Research

The most important thing to know before getting in a polite disagreement with anyone about politics is that you need to do your research. If you start throwing out facts and figures you read in a meme or a tweet, your Sugar Daddy is going to think you’re uneducated.

If you actually read up on credible news sources and know your information, your Sugar Daddy will be reminded of why he loves spoiling you– because you’re beautiful, smart, and a little bit spunky. Your Daddy is likely pretty smart and level-headed himself, so even if he doesn’t agree with you politically, he’ll appreciate the fact that you are keeping up to date on the issues and can calmly engage in current events related banter with him.

See Things From His POV

It’s easy to want to shun everyone who supported Trump, but you’re better than that. Besides, your Daddy might be paying your rent, which is why it’s important to see things from his side. He’s probably older, male, and may have never faced any type of discrimination in his life. He also has lots of money, which means that one of his primary concerns may be how to keep more of it in his pocket and have less go to taxes.

Yes, it’s annoying that he views his money as more important than the well-being of women, people of color and the like, but he may not realize how Trump is going to negatively affect women–until you tell him, of course. Besides, his obsession with keeping his money is probably why he has so much to spend on you! Remember that.

Do More Than Just Argue

At the end of the day, even if your Sugar Daddy doesn’t entertain a few lighthearted arguments, you’re really not making any changes. Instead, if you’re passionate about certain issues, do what you can to help. For example, maybe donate a small (or big) portion of your allowance to Planned Parenthood or another cause that you think needs some help right now.

Or use the free time you have to volunteer or protest. You don’t have to tell your Daddy about all of this if you don’t want to, but it would definitely be more useful than simply arguing about politics in bed with your Daddy.