Dating with a Disability

By Lexie

Mar 28, 2017

Some individuals in the Sugar Bowl have disabilities. Sugar can be sweet for all, regardless of a disability. You, not your disability, decide where you want to go. We all have talents and struggles. Some of our greatest weaknesses can be turned into remarkable strengths. You CAN enjoy successful sugaring while dating with a disability!

Disclosing a disability to a potential partner can be unsettling and you may want to keep it a secret altogether. Feelings of inadequacy and judgment may keep you from doing so. Only you can decide what’s best for you. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to attaining what it is you desire. Whether it be a mental or physical challenge, a disability can make dating feel difficult. Here’s how to cope.

Being Comfortable with Vulnerability

There can be a lot of secrecy in the sugar world. You’re trying to keep who you’re dating secret, how you’re able to live a certain lifestyle secret, and why you’re suddenly not stressing about student loans secret. One thing you may want to consider being out in the open about, is a disability.

Being upfront in your profile can eliminate potential stress down the road. Some disabilities are obviously visible. However many are invisible and this can make things feel a bit complicated. You’d be surprised by how compassionate, empathetic, and understanding people are when you’re being honest from the start. Having a disability isn’t something to be embarrassed about, it’s a part of who you are as a person and it’s a valuable asset.

Making the Most of What You Have to Offer

One daddy appeared to be lacking some basic interpersonal relation skills. He rarely made eye contact and at times came across as rather distant. He didn’t show affection like most do and picking up on certain social cues seemed difficult. He was however remarkably kind, empathetic, and intellectually bright.

He liked to eat his perfectly grilled Kobe burgers with a fork and knife. He embraced his quirks with confidences. He had a great career and was doing very well for himself. This daddy wanted to be with someone who simply accepted and understood that he interpreted the world in a different way.

This made dating a difficult endeavor because many women didn’t give him the time of day. To truly get to know him, you must get past his quirks and mannerisms. He was sharp as a tack, witty, and very generous. He wasn’t at all embarrassed by his social shortcomings but rather embraced his disability.

Make the Most of Your Experience

Dating with a disability doesn’t have to be difficult and isolating. Know your strengths and accentuate them. People are attracted to confidence so if let your confidence be known. If you have a disability, know you have a lot to offer and who you are as a person is remarkable and valued.

Be yourself and let the unique and awesome traits about you show. Dating with a disability may be a bit more challenging, but the ideal partner is going to be accommodating and understanding of your needs. It’s all about having a positive mindset and having fun. Go out and enjoy successful sugaring regardless of your disability and enjoy the sweet life.