How to Be a Feminist and a Sugar Baby

By Aurora

Apr 23, 2018
A feminist is a person who supports the equality of the sexes. A Sugar Baby is typically a woman who dates a man who lavishes her with gifts and money. Contrary to popular belief it is very easy for a woman who has financial expectations while dating to believe both genders are equal. The Sugar Baby lifestyle is not a sexist lifestyle.  Therefore, the word feminist and the phrase Sugar Baby need not be an oxymoron. You can be a feminist and a Sugar Baby simultaneously if you follow the advice below.

Sugar Sisters

Rivalry is rife in the music industry. Female artists are always pitted against each other. Examples include Nicki Minaj against Remy Ma. More recently Cardi B against Nicki Minaj. In this industry, the bickering and banter are excellent for business. Often it increases artists’ sales. In the world of Sugar fighting and hatred only isolates Sugar Babies. Additionally, it makes the lifestyle hard to live. It is paramount that Sugar Babies that are female and male support their Sugar Sisters. This can be achieved by sharing tips about the lifestyle. Sugar Babies are in the same boat; we are all scrutinized by society. So for individuals in this lifestyle to prosper, we must stick together. There is strength in numbers.

Don’t Be a Doormat

Just because your Sugar Daddy is a man and an older one at that does not mean that he should walk all over you. Your Sugar Daddy should be considerate to you and mindful of your feelings and needs. You are just important as he is. You provide him with mainly non-material things and he provides you with mainly material things. Therefore, you and your daddy both have a vital role in the relationship. No-one should be treated like they are less-than. If your daddy wants your respect he should respect you. If he does not it is advisable that you leave him. After all, there are many more daddies in the Sugar Bowl.

Know Your Worth

You entered the Sugar Bowl for a reason. When dating you should not lower your standards or act desperate. You are an invaluable being. Your time, company, affection and everything else you bring to an SB-SD relationship are special. You should not sell yourself short when you ask for things in exchange for them. If your Sugar Daddy is not meeting your needs do not stay with him. Plan in detail how to get exactly what you want and stick to that plan.

Equal Requirements

To ensure you are treated like a co-equal it is important that you get as much as you give. It would be unfair you offer three things and only get one thing, for example. Unless that one thing you get means as much to you as those three things you give. It is very important that your Sugar Daddy, in this case, understands that you expect him to treat you equally by supplying an adequate amount of material and non-material things. Just be as wise as a snake by making sure you get as much as you ethically can from him. There is no need to be greedy but do not allow your daddy to short-change you.

Female Sugar Babies when you enter an SB-SD relationship ensure you don’t waiver in your feminist beliefs. Just because your sugar daddy gives you money and gifts does not mean that you are his subordinate. You should not accept abuse or rudeness from him instead he should be cherishing or at least respecting you. There is nothing wrong with having high standards and high expectations in a relationship having these does not mean that you are against the progress of yourself or other women. As long as we female sugar babies continue to respect ourselves and demand the respect and equality we deserve we need not choose between the sugar lifestyle and the feminist lifestyle. The two can indeed co-exist.