Five Habits for Sugar Success

By Colette

Jul 15, 2017

Congratulations!  You’ve just signed up for a Sugar Baby profile on Seeking Arrangement and are getting ready to dive head-first into the Sugar Bowl.  If you’re scratching your head and thinking, “Now what?”, then read on—here are five habits for sugar success.

Stay Logged In

First things first—stay logged in and keep the SeekingArrangement tab open on your browser.  Even if you’re not looking at the website, just having the tab open in the background will keep you logged in on the site. This means your profile will come up towards the top when a POT searches by “Most Recently Logged In”.  This is the best thing you can do to stay visible without doing any work.  

Update Profile Photos Often

As we all know men are very visually-oriented.  That means if a POT checks out your profile one day and moves on, the next time your old profile picture pops up in a search, he’s going to keep scrolling without messaging you.  So just simply updating your photos keeps your profile fresh and literally gives everything a new look—so switch it up!  Try a flirty vibe, then try something more sultry, something innocent, something luxe.  Approach it as an experiment to figure out what types of POTs reach out to you with each update, and aim to update at least twice per month, if not once per week.

Regularly Clear Out Private Photo Access

Along the same lines, I strongly recommend having private photos so that you can regularly clear out who has access to them.  Now, why would you do that?  At the most basic level, there are safety reasons—maybe you gave someone access when you were initially chatting, only to get a bad vibe later on.  This strategy can also be used to re-engage a POT that might have lost interest.  If you’ve denied him access to your private photos and he’s interested again, then he has to reach out to restart the conversation.  

I recommend clearing out private photo access once per week.  When you’re updating your photos, there’s a link you can click to see who has access to your private photos.  If you click the link, then on the next page there’s a button that says “Unshare All”.  Click that button and you’re done!

Reach Out to POTS Daily

If you’re looking for consistent success in the Sugar Bowl, then  you really should be reaching out to POTs regularly.  I understand if you’re traditional and would rather wait for POTs to message you. I’ve found that sometimes, the best Sugar Daddies are simply too busy to spend a lot of time scouring SeekingArrangement for the right Sugar Baby.  You could be missing out on some incredible Sugar Daddies!  So set a small goal of sending,  five messages a day.  And make sure these are quality messages—just a sentence or two saying hi, that you liked X about their profile, and you look forward to chatting soon.  In other words, keep it short & sweet and make sure you come across as someone that actually read their profile!

Use The Attract Button

And last, but certainly not least, I recommend using the new Attract feature that launched a couple months ago.  I’ve used it a few times and trust me, it really works!  It gives your profile a lot of visibility throughout the site, which results in a flood of messages from POTs.  Of course, you still have to sift through these messages and figure out who’s sincere in their search, but at least now you have a start.  And if you’re updating your photos frequently, I recommend using this feature just after your photos have been approved.  That way, your profile seems new and more POTs are likely to reach out!

Good luck and happy sugaring!