Five Phrases to Remove From Your Profile Today

By Zenya Rose

Jan 25, 2018
There is nothing easy about creating a dating profile. The same can be sad for a Sugar profile. In the Sugar Bowl it is important to be as concise and clear and possible. This is an environment that thrives on honesty. Sometimes it can be hard to “sell” yourself. Especially so if you are already not the best communicator. After assessing and rewriting countless profiles for SeekingArrangement I can confirm that these are five phrases to remove from your profile today.

I Enjoy Quiet Nights In with Dinner and Wine

As nice as this sounds, it is an obvious duh! Everyone enjoys nights in here and there. You’d also be hard pressed to find someone who is not a fan of wine. Try and steer clear of cliches like this. At the end of the day they really don’t tell us very much about you. Instead share something a little more unique. Describe instead how you’d like to spend your perfect day from beginning to end. That is something that readers wont see on another profile and will make you stand out.

I’m Nice, Smart, Funny and Athletic

As great as it is that you are all of these things these basic lines are boring to the max. I cannot stress enough the importance of showing not telling. How are you nice? Do you volunteer your weekends with kids? Share that instead, then you wont have to tell us how nice you are. We will know it. The same goes for other adjectives. Don’t tell us you are athletic. Share us your last mile time and which marathon you are considering running next.

I Don’t Like a Man with a Big Ego

This is one thing that the Sugar Bowl is absolutely full of. Big egos! It is one of those things a Sugar Baby is just going to have to wade through. Not only that, the term big is relative. A man may consider himself to have a big ego but when you two meet you find him lovely to have around. A small line like that could prevent you from meeting someone great.

Don’t Message Me if You “X”

Everyone has turn offs and you’re absolutely entitled to have them. However, putting your turn offs into your profile is off-putting. Imagine meeting someone in person for the first time. And in the same moment you shake their hand they say “I probably hate you if you smoke.” How strange would that be? You’re essentially doing the same thing. Keeping your profile positive makes you seem far more inviting and welcoming.

Anything Overly Sexual

We get it. You like to please your man. But every POT browsing through your profile doesn’t need to see it. Putting sexual information or teases into your profile may seem enticing but it cheapens your entire look. You’ll look less like a Sugar Baby and more like an escort which is not encouraged on the site at all. Save the sexy stuff for your arrangement.
Do you have any of these profile No-no’s on your profile? What did you end up replacing them with? Let us know in the comments section!