Five Types of Sugar Babies

By Rachel

Oct 29, 2015

Everyone is looking for a certain type of Sugar. On SeekingArrangement, there is a wide variety of Sugar Daddies. Some prefer student Sugar Babies that they can help with tuition fees and guidance.Others look for the bombshell arm candy sure to turn heads at a social event. Curious about what other women are looking for? Perhaps you are a combination of a few, either way we’ve broken down the Top five types of Sugar Babies you’ll find company with in the Sugar Bowl.

The College Baby

Collegiate Sugar Babies are studious, hard workers that aren’t afraid to go do what it takes to achieve their goals, and that starts with a bit of tuition assistance. If a Sugar Daddy recognizes that you hold potential for greatness, he will be more likely to give you a chance! We know that for many of our Sugar Daddies, the arrangement process is all about making worthwhile investments. The educated Sugar Baby is a girl worth considering sharing time and resources with in the eyes of some Daddies. There is always more to learn, and if your interests align, he could become your next mentor.

The Business Baby

Sugar Babies are just as business-minded as most Sugar Daddies! Many of these ladies have moved past the collegiate experience and wish to keep themselves progressive, remaining on top of the latest market trends and always willing to discuss business over drinks. The range includes the aspiring entrepreneur or a ladder-climbing exec with big goals. A Sugar Daddy knows to take his time with this Sugar Baby type, she’s likely making her own income and her interests will sway towards mentorship, investments, or close-knit business connections to forge her own path towards success. She isn’t afraid of mixing a little business and pleasure.

The Small Town Baby

The “Small Town” Sugar Baby’s needs are simple. Her words are sincere and her goals are aimed high. This is a girl who knows where she came from and is sure of what she wants in the future. She’s always keen to opportunities and can offer her Daddies humble advice. Small town girls have a special something that some city girls simply can’t offer, making them stand out in the best of ways. Her companionship is genuine and even the smallest gift means the world in this lucky girl’s eyes, as she’s likely not yet accustomed to designer brands or items of luxury. Perfect match for Daddies who are new to the Sugar Lifestyle and can learn together!

The Mommy Baby

Being a single mother never gets easier. There’s always a bill waiting to pop up and the kids seem to never stop growing out of their clothing! Despite the headache of constantly trying to stay ahead of a child’s needs, the single mother puts one thing first – family. She’s looking to find a Daddy who appreciates a mother who would do anything for her children. Her needs can be as simple as assistance with bills, rent or transportation. She’s naturally a caretaker, as she’s going to do her best to support a family while keeping her Sugar Daddy satisfied.

The Veteran Baby

This Sugar Baby type has the greatest amount of drive and can practically write the book on Sugaring. She makes it her job to know who’s-who in whichever industry she sets her sights upon.She holds the little black book for dating in-the-know millionaires, professional ball players, and maybe a politician or two! She seeks a Daddy in a position of power or highly visible in the public eye. This Sugar Baby knows the ins and out of discretion and keeping her Daddy content!