Gold Digger vs. Goal Digger

By Rachel

Nov 10, 2015

Kanye West knew how to spot a “Gold Digger” and let the world know with his hit song. But Kanye isn’t the only man putting these type of women on blast. Men are getting smarter and picking up on lazy, leech tendencies. This causes the hotter, ambitious “Goal Digger” to have to defend herself. So what’s the real difference between a Gold Digger vs. Goal Digger? Let’s break it down.

The Gold Digger

Physically, the two may look the same: beautiful and confident. Take a closer look, and you realize a gold digger is a con artist. She will go to all lengths to suck the most out of a man, resulting to needy or desperate tactics if she has to. They dress up and make it a point to use men.

Unfortunately these parasitic women cause damage, making it harder for the next honest woman, or goal digger to clean up the mess of future distrust and guardedness left behind. These women are weak, selfish, and lacking of any real goals or aspirations. A gold digger’s main concern is where she will get her next Gucci fix, or free five star meal. A woman who cares more about a man’s bank account than she does about the man is a sure sign of a gold digger.

The Goal Digger

This type of woman recognizes what type of relationship works best for her, whether that be a traditional one or a mutually beneficial one. Goal diggers put their ambitions first but not in the same selfish way as a gold digger. A strong woman will  certainly have respect for the rights of others, but when she doesn’t feel the mutuality, she bounces, regardless of how much money the man has.

Goal diggers do not buy into the passive, easily content behavior that men need to lead. These women seek an even playing field with men. They have the courage to discard outdated feminism beliefs. When it comes to arrangements, these women can speak freely on what they want and not worry about scrutiny for being so direct. Just ask Jennifer Lawrence.

The biggest difference between the two is that goal diggers have dreams, goals and aspirations for success and opportunity. They don’t stop at a new car or new shoes. They are networkers, experience enthusiasts, and women who go after successful, often wealthy men to help them achieve their greatest potential.

In the Sugar Bowl, deciphering who is a goal digger from who is a gold digger can be tricky. Remember, this lifestyle is about both parties benefiting, not taking all you can from someone and moving on to the next. As Sugar Sisters, we have to keep our expectations high, and motivate one another to be better. Don’t settle for the gold when the goals are so much sweeter.