How the Election Affected Sugar Daddies

By Vintage Baby

Nov 10, 2016

Tuesday night, America and the entire world received news of who the next President of the United States would be. After the announcement, something crazy happened.

The stock market dropped 800 points and “crashed.” It hasn’t done this since the 1980s when President Reagan was elected and I was a child(yes, I am “old”).

I am sure you are thinking, “who cares?” or “that doesn’t affect me.” Oh Baby, it sure does. Let me break down how the election affected Sugar Daddies across America.

Daddy has stock and a 401k

He woke up yesterday seeing how his stock dropped, losing thousands or in some cases millions of dollars. His retirement, i.e. 401k, could be almost to zero when he checked Wednesday morning. Imagine seeing your life savings gone!

My Daddy lost more than the average American makes in annual salary this AM. I sent him a text asking if it affected him after I read reading the post on social media of Democrats freaking out over their retirement funds gone.

I began thinking, “do I need to cut back my spending?” and  “should I cancel my hair appointment on Friday?” Even worse, “do I need to get a job?”

I sent him a text asking, “Are you worried?” and he responded with “No, why? I am psyched!”

At this point, I was totally confused. I thought, how could he be happy after losing money? He’s gotta be joking. He wasn’t joking.

When the stock market crashed on election night, it was a loss of paper wealth. Paper wealth isn’t the same as actual cash or real wealth. So, the money invested into stock market at values of millions of dollars isn’t what it really is. It’s an illusion of wealth. It’s not real.

The stock market crash was a temporary thing. By afternoon the following day, the stock already started to rise along with  gold prices. By 4:30 pm, the stock went up the highest it’s been in 5 yrs!

Daddy is now happy again. But even happier seeing that a shift in economics is happening. The dollar value has gone up 5% overnight. The real stuff. Our favorite thing CASH!

What this means to you

As Daddy starts to get the anticipated tax breaks of 10% in the future, he will now have more money to spend. If you are lucky, it will be on you!

Daddy knows that spending supports the economy. It creates what is known as the “trickle effect” to create more jobs. So he doesn’t hold onto the money out of fear, but spends it instead.

Daddy is not in a “salty” mood like before the elections out of fear; he’s thinking about cutting back because of taxes going up. He’s now optimistic and happy.

A Republican Daddy is a happy Daddy, he knows how much money he will be saving now. So Babies, your sweet gifts are about to get a lot sweeter.  

Maybe even that Salty Daddy you’ve been dealing, with could finally find his sweeter side out of good fortunes.

Give him a few days for this to all balance back out before hitting up Daddy for an increase of allowance or extra shopping. Mine has already told me he can now spend more on me. Yay!