How to Set Attainable New Year’s Resolutions

By Lexie

Dec 29, 2016

The New Year is upon us all, and this means it’s time to set some goals. Whether you’re new to the bowl, a seasoned Baby, or are looking to make a graceful exit, consider setting yourself up for success by setting some realistic and attainable goals.

Whether you want to improve your overall physical, fiscal, and social fitness–you are capable of doing so as long as you have an idea of where you are going. It’s hard to set goals when you don’t know where to start.

The best way to get motivated is to have something to work towards, knowing why you do what you do can actually be more important and beneficial than the how. The why is the reason you do what you do. The how is a means of action to attain your goal.


Some of us are intrinsically motivated, meaning we have it within ourselves to do what needs to be done without the push from someone or something else telling us what to do. Most of us, however, are extrinsically motivated. We do something for the sake of achieving or receiving a feel-good incentive, and this in turn is a key motivating factor.

Both types of motivation are important. One is about being a self-starter, and the other is about receiving recognition for completing a task. If you want to achieve a goal, make it well within your ability of being able to achieve it. Don’t expect to have everything happen at all once, especially if you’re just getting started. Remember commitment, consistency, and focus are three key points to remember when setting goals.


Once you’ve made a goal, or a few, it’s time to set yourself up for success. One of the best ways to do this is to by getting organized and having a generalized plan. Put a note in your phone, planner, or somewhere where you will see it daily to keep you engaged and in tune with what it is you are trying to achieve. Remember you can make slight adjustments to your plan as you go along, but having an idea of how to get from here to there can help you stay motivated to continue forward on your goal setting journey.

A great idea is to set milestone points and assess once you’ve arrived at each one. If you have a goal of paying off your student loan debt, or getting your body healthier by losing weight, it helps if you visually chart of your milestone goals. Once you’ve reached a milestone, you can color it in with a pen and you’ll be able to see progress as you go along.


It can be easy to let yourself give up once difficulty and discouragement sets in. Sometimes, it seems too hard to continue on when obstacles are presented. Having the perseverance to push through difficulties makes one stronger to handle other situations that may arise.

There may be times where you are going to have to pull your head out of the ground and keep on going, even if you feel like giving up. Moving forward with persistence when the going gets tough can be a psychological battle. This is when you remember the why of your goal.

Having this concrete affirmative why can help keep you focused and determined to see your goals through until completion. It’s great to have at least one other person you can turn to for guidance and advice. If you’re looking for a Sugar Sister to set some goals with, go ahead and make an announcement on the chat forum section of

It’s likely someone else wants to achieve a similar goal to yours. The new year to come is an opportunity to start fresh and truly enhance your being from the inside out. Have the confidence to believe in yourself and make your goals happen. Let your Sugar sparkle shine, and be the most radiant you!

-XO Lexie