By Rachel

Feb 03, 2016

Long before the days of tweets, followers, and the “gram,” if someone was out to bully a person they’d pass notes in class, prank call, or if they were ballsy enough, actually say it to your face. But since the birth of social media, arguments and shaming are done from behind an Iphone screen while users and followers sit back with popcorn and watch the wars unfold. Today, we are talking #InstaShaming in the Sugar world. If you’ve been a victim of cyberbullying on Instagram, here’s how to handle it.

Identify and Block
Commenting on pictures is encouraged on Instagram. However, this feature easily opens the gates for bullying, especially when the cyber bully becomes relentless and uses multiple fake accounts that he/she created. These comments could go on forever, intriguing more bystanders to join in the conversation. If your profile is public, change your settings to private so only those whom you choose to accept can see your posts. Block anyone who is abusing your page. Don’t waste your time entertaining their immaturity.

Beware of Fakes
No matter how many times you block the harassing account, another one is created. With Instagram it is very easy to create a fake account. Using this fake, anonymous account, bullies harass people by writing rude comments, racist remarks and sometimes even posting threats. Some of these fake usernames might even use the real person’s name attached to a derogatory term. Always report false accounts. Instagram only responds to reports sent to them from the person who’s being impersonated. If someone you know is being impersonated, please encourage that person to report it.

File a Complaint
Every social platform offers rules and regulations. But as we know, rules are often broken. To file a complaint, visit Instagram’s Help Center. If you feel your account has been hacked, there is also information available to help recover it. No Sugar Baby, or any individual, should have to face cyber attacks from anyone. Take charge, and realize shamers are not worth your time, on Insta or any other platform, including real life.

Reach Out
Sometimes enough is enough! If you are continuing to receive threats or harassments you may need to be more proactive. The chances are if this person, or group of individuals are doing this to you, they are doing it to someone else. There are all types of local and national resources for cyberbullying, like StopBullying.gov. Finally, if you feel your life is being too heavily affected, or if you feel this bullying could move off an online platform, call and report to law enforcement. Safety is first. Everything else is secondary.


Have you ever experienced cyberbullying?