Interview with a Brave Sugar Baby

By The Sugar Interviewer

Mar 23, 2017

Telling friends or family you’re in the Sugar Bowl is not for everyone. It can be quite scary. Some Sugar Babies find comfort and safety in having someone know what they are up to. Sugaring can be a very delicate subject to bring up to family, as told in this interview with a brave sugar baby.

Many Sugar Babies avoid telling their relatives in fear of judgement and distance from people they love. Friends could feel uncomfortable being around a Sugar Baby. This is for lack of knowledge about the lifestyle. Most of these problems come from misunderstandings of the Sugar Bowl. I talked with Addison to share some of the positives in coming clean.

Breaking Down Barriers

Addison is an 18 year old Sugar Baby. She has been in the Sugar Bowl for about 8 months now, and she has not been shy about it. Addison has done what many Sugar Babies go out of their way to avoid doing. She has told the people closest to her about her newly found lifestyle. Her views on the situation are raw and to the point.

Addison is a Sugar Baby on a mission to break stereotypes. She’s convinced telling people around her will provide her with greater safety when it comes to meeting up with POTs and some relationship advice. Addison’s believes telling people close to you about Sugaring is eye opening.

Do you think being a Sugar Baby is better kept a secret?

I think that Sugaring is a highly stigmatized lifestyle. It’s my personal opinion that the Sugar lifestyle needs to be normalized. Sugaring is just an alternate relationship. It is not bad nor taboo, so let’s get to work on erasing these ideas.

Who were the first people you told about your Sugar life in the Bowl outside of your personal life that is close to you?

A lot of my friends know about my lifestyle. I told them a few months after I joined the bowl.

Do you think there are any benefits to telling someone?

The benefits are bountiful when it comes to telling someone about being a Sugar Baby. Now I have someone who I can be honest with about where I am and how long I plan on being there. Safety is taken care of. By telling someone, I have opened up the door for them to try out Sugaring, which is something I think more people should be doing. I’m helping to erase this stigma that Sugaring is this awful, immoral thing. In reality, it’s just a [normal] thing.

Is less more when you must tell someone about the Sugar Bowl?

All of my friends have gotten the gross, gritty details. From the time I was catfished by a really creepy POT, to my first intimate experience with a Sugar Daddy. I really think – like any relationship – this is a preference. Personally I love to overshare. I tell all my friends everything about my personal life, so my Sugar life is no different.