Interview with a Former Sugar Baby

By The Sugar Interviewer

Jun 05, 2017

Sugaring is a complete lifestyle for many Sugar Babies in the Sugar Bowl and most would have it no other way. On the other hand, Sugaring can be very difficult. It is both time consuming and emotionally draining. Although most Sugar Babies enjoy their work, there comes a time to retire from the lifestyle and move forward on your own. I recently had an interview with a former Sugar Baby named Stefani. A 24 year old Sugar Baby from Washington, Stephanie had been in the Bowl for 6 years and finally had her last run with Sugar Daddies in October 2016.

What Led You to Leave Sugaring?

Well, to be completely honest, I have had many moments throughout my Sugaring lifetime when I thought about leaving since I always wanted to marry someone. I never planned to marry a Sugar Daddy, so I really hoped that I could leave after one or two years – maximum of three. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy what I was doing; I just knew that I didn’t want to or couldn’t do this for my entire life. If I wanted to find someone and settle down to have kids someday, I would have to let go of the Sugar Bowl. The problem was that at the time I wanted to leave, I was having some financial problems. At that time I had already been Sugaring for around two and a half years. I didn’t dislike my additional years in the Bowl – I always had interesting stories to tell fellow Sugar Babies I met on SeekingArrangement! In fact, it not only entertained me while I could still have a job but also saved my ass (if I can say that on here) in a way no other job would have been able to. Once I got past that troubled point in my life, I had been Sugaring for 5 years and I figured I would do one more year to save up for when I left the Sugar Bowl to stay on my feet while I looked for another job.

Did You Have to or Want to Leave the Sugar Lifestyle? When Did You Realize This?

In a way, I did have to since my ultimate goal was to live a calm life in the suburbs as a mother. I never regretted starting Sugaring since it provided me with the money I needed for a good education and a comfortable life standard. I realized that I had to leave after my fifth year in the Sugar Bowl because I knew I no longer needed it and I was at an age when I should have already begun trying to find someone to settle down with in the future. The last year of Sugaring for me as a Baby was one of the most relaxed times of my Sugaring years. I only had around five meetings with new Sugar Daddies – two of which I stayed connected with for 6 to 9 months. The main Sugar Daddy I had in my life was with me for a total of 3 years; he stuck with me till the very end.

Does Anyone in Your Family or Group of Friends Know About Your Time in the Sugar Bowl? If So, Why Did You Decide to Tell Them?

Of course. After the three years I had originally planned, I had to tell someone something. My parents were already suspicious about where all my earnings were coming from, so I told them eventually on my fourth year of Sugaring since my financial problems had begun and would last for at least another good 6 months. I didn’t want my parents trying to help by loaning me money. At first, my parents – especially my father – tried to talk me out of staying in the Sugar Bowl and told me to just get a “real and honest” job. I insisted that this was the way to go and that I enjoyed what I was doing.

Do You Still Have Contact With Any Past Sugar Daddies or Fellow Sugar Babies?

No, definitely not. As much as I adore my old Sugar Baby friends, if I wanted a completely different life for me I had to abandon all aspects of my old lifestyle. I still miss them, they were great girls. As for my Sugar Daddies, although I respect them, I saw no reason to keep in contact with them and I don’t really mind it – not that I don’t miss some of the fun times I had with them.

Do You Ever Wish You Had Not Left This Lifestyle?

Once in a blue moon… maybe. When I find my job extremely boring or am having a hard time paying bills or maybe I see something really expensive I am dying to have, but I just can’t afford, yes, I occasionally wish I hadn’t left my precious Sugar Bowl. Other than that, I’m perfectly content with my new life, and I’m glad I could finally share my experience!