Interview with a Patient Sugar Baby

By The Sugar Interviewer

Feb 24, 2017

Closed mindedness can be a huge problem in the Sugar Bowl, especially for SBs that have to deal with more negativity from society than Sugar Daddies. The problem is doubled when closed mindedness comes from Sugar Daddies themselves. This is an interview with a patient Sugar Baby who overcame it.

Sugar Stereotypes

Sugar Babies already have to deal with stereotypes such as gold diggers and bimbos. As a SB you will often find yourself dealing with men and/or women — depending on your preference — who come from other generations and you must be alright with that.

As the age gap widens, so does the possibility that your views do not correlate. Perhaps what seems perfectly acceptable to your SD/SM is completely against what you believe in and morally stand for. When you fully accept that, it will make Sugaring a lot easier for you. Clashing beliefs could lead to problems in the relationship as it would in any other, and no one wants that.

As any SB knows, patience is one of the many keys to a successful relationship. Problems like this cannot keep you from going after what you desire in the Bowl. Combat closed minds with patience and your Sugaring life will improve greatly.

Interview with a Patient Sugar Baby

Loli, a 20 year old SB, has been in the Bowl for two years. She shares her experience with dealing with closed minded SD/SMs. She knows how to maintain a cool head without compromising her personal views and contradicting herself.

How many times have you had to deal with a SD/SM who had an outdated view?

[Honestly,] not a bunch of times, all of my SDs were [mostly] open minded or [kind of] young. Although, I had a SD — he was [around] 60-65 — who really did not like me having my hair dyed with crazy colors, but I didn’t listened to him.

How do you keep from irritating your SD/SM with personal opinions without contradicting your own beliefs?

I try not to sound rude by giving my personal opinion, but I really like saying what I think even though sometimes that can be seen as ‘unprofessionalism’; there are occasions where I can’t stay tight-lipped.

What stress relieving methods do you use to keep from seeming frustrated in front of your SD/SM?

I don’t really have any special method; I try to smile and keep going with the date, but a glass of wine could [most definitely] help. Thankfully, I never had a really stressful meeting with a SD.

Have you ever found a loop when talking to your SD/SM about topics that you don’t see eye to eye on?

I am a really open minded person, so I don’t enjoy talking about those topics. I hate when [SDs/SMs] talk about people as if they were objects. I think it is better to prevent [talking about it] than to [attempt to] cure [it].

When do you feel it’s appropriate to give up and drop that SD?

I think is really appropriate to give up any SD/SM when they are disrespectful with you, nobody has the right to treat you like garbage. I as a young SB, I used to let my SDs/SMs tell me what to do or to let them talk to me in a way that they should not [have]. Now that I have some experience in [Sugaring], I know that being a SD is also a job; you should have your rules and regulations.


Disclaimer: some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.