Interview with a Sugar Baby About First Meets

By The Sugar Interviewer

Feb 14, 2017

If you don’t know what you’re doing, first dates with a POT (potential Sugar Daddy) can be terrifying. Although this is a completely normal reaction to the beginning of any Sugar relationship, there are ways to make yourself more comfortable during this time in the Bowl. After all, you should be enjoying yourself! The luxury of having a great time while receiving money and gifts is part of the beauty of Sugaring. This is an interview with a Sugar Baby about first meets.

Joy is a twenty-one year old Sugar Baby who has been in the Bowl officially for around six months and unofficially two years. She started as a spoiled girlfriend, and shares her experience on what a newbie SB should expect from their first date. She also lets us know what kind of effort the SB should put into the first meeting so as to not bring disinterest to the POT, but also keep herself safe. 

How and where did you find your first SD?

I had a Sugar-like relationship with a man I met at my job. At the time, I didn’t realize it was a sugar relationship; [although] he was fifteen years older than me and gave me money on a consistent basis. My first official SD I found through SeekingArrangement.

When did you decide you two should meet?

After [chatting] for a day through SA we decided to meet the next day. We met at an upscale restaurant near me. We decided to meet since we were both looking for the same thing and he lived in my area.

Where did you go and what did you do?

We went to a restaurant called 300 East and [we] had a delicious dinner. Then we went to the movies which was the last stop on our first date. I like to go neutral on the first date, so dinner and a movie is my usual go-to suggestion.

Should a SB expect money after the first meeting?

As far as expecting money on a first date I think that’s completely up to that SB. I never ask for money or gifts on the first date. I find that this has helped me in the long run. Men like to think you aren’t using them for money; even though that’s a part of it. If I were to ask for money, it would be no more than $100-$150.

What are some signs that you should go out with him again?

To determine if I should go out with him again, I measure our chemistry. Does he make me laugh? Did the conversation flow easily? Does he seem to be generous? Is the allowance he is offering within the range I want? If all these answer are yes then I will usually try to set up another date. If a guy is too pushy/touchy/sexual on the first date, I almost always ask for double the allowance hoping he will say no.

Any advice you could give to a newbie SB about to meet her first POT?

Be comfortable with yourself before you enter the Bowl. Confidence will take you far; even if you’re just faking it. Always keep your safety a #1 priority. Use your intuition; it’s the best thing we have. Don’t settle for less if you think you deserve more, and definitely don’t put up with assholes just for the money. There are tons of sweet guys out there willing to give you everything you desire who actually have manners and respect for women.