Interview with a Platonic Sugar Baby

By The Sugar Interviewer

Dec 26, 2016

Sugar Babies are in the difficult position of either being more comfortable in a platonic arrangement, or cutting down their POT Sugar Daddies.

This doesn’t have to be the case. You can have your cake and eat it, too. You just need the right ingredients and you will be the perfect SB for any SD; platonic or not. Either way, it would be your choice without sacrificing anything.

I interviewed Nadia who is a twenty-one year old SB who’s been happily Sugaring for three years. Nadia has had one very successful ongoing platonic arrangement for a few years now. Her advice might get you closer to a wonderfully fulfilling platonic Sugar relationship with a loving and generous SD.

My interview with a platonic Sugar Baby truly opened my eyes to a whole other side of the Sugar world that some don’t even know about. It made me appreciate the possible bonds that the Sugar Bowl can provide. It feels like Nadia experiences a much more emotional relationship that leaves the SD with the feeling of a true caring nature.

What is the key to keeping your SD content without crossing any personal boundaries?

Make sure that you always keep him on his toes. Since you won’t be using your body to satisfy him and hold his attention, you need to get creative. Dates don’t always have to be dinner at a Michelin star restaurant. Look into trying something new with him; go on a helicopter ride through the city or countryside, [try] horseback riding, [visit] the zoo [to] see the many exhibits, plan a trip, or [watch] a concert — preferably a musician he really enjoys. If he loves Beyoncé and you love Beyoncé, bonus.

Even though you are the one being spoiled, show your Sugar Daddy little tokens of your appreciation. While he can easily buy himself things, most men are awful at shopping for themselves. Find a passion of his; work with this. Does your SD love to cook? Buy him a cookbook. Does he love beer? Buy him customized beer mug, with his initials. Even more personal; buy him a diary, and write something sweet on the first page.

How do you assert dominance over your sexual life without scaring away a POT?

Honesty and communication is key; let him know that you are seeking a platonic arrangement. That usually filters out who’s interested and uninterested in pursuing this. Always remember, nobody has dominion of your body but you.

What are some red flags that you should look out for in a POT on Seeking Arrangement in chat rooms or on profiles?

POTs asking for nudes. If he is not your SD, don’t. For that matter, if you don’t like sending nudes, don’t.

Look out for someone who constantly talks about sex or mentions any NSA business. Even though he might not be directing it at you, why continue to bring it up? If he suggests getting a hotel room, RUN.