Join Us on Social Media

By Brook

Aug 30, 2016

Just like your collection of designer shoes, the Sugar Baby community is growing, and so much of the conversation is happening on social media! We want to connect Sugar Babies from around the world though everyone’s favorite apps. Please, join us on social media!

On our social accounts, we do lots of Sugar Baby reposts! Send me your Sugar Baby pics, like money shots, gifts, trips, and luxury adventures with Daddy to be featured. Sorry ladies and gents, we don’t post selfies. DM me or email me your pictures and handle to be featured/credited! Anonymous reposting is also okay, just let me know. Below is an example.


Our Instagram account, @LetsTalkSugar, is updated daily with new info and current events, as well as hilarious original memes, made by yours truly, like the ones below. We also do regular contests, and you need to follow us to learn about them! In the past we’ve given away Louboutins, tuition, Louis Vuitton bags, and cold hard cash!


@SeekingArrangement also has an Instagram with equally hilarious content and Sugar inspiraton.


Let’s Talk Sugar also has a Snapchat! We’re @LetsTalkSugarSA. Sugary snaps are always welcome! Save them, then email them to me and I’ll feature them on the account with your handle added. Example below! Also follow the Snapchat for exclusive footage and content from the SA Headquarters and more!


We’re also on Facebook, so like us to receive updates and info on events and giveaways. You didn’t hear it from me, but we might be giving away another pair of Loubies soon, but you’ll have to be following us to find out about it!

The Sugar chatter is also on Twitter, we’re @Lets_Talk_Sugar. And I’m working on a Pinterest page to show off all our wonderful blogs!

Little known is the huge Sugar Baby community on Tumblr. We’ve got one of those too, and I highly recommend checking out some of the Sugar Baby accounts on there.

We’d love to have you follow us, tweet us, like us, and someday, maybe even love us! Email me if you have an idea for a social post, or want to be featured with your extra Sugary pictures!

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