Let’s Talk Courtney Stodden

By Annalise

Aug 08, 2016

Do you remember way back in 2011 when 16 year old Courtney Stodden married Doug Hutchison, an actor 34 years her senior?

Well, it happened. They’ve been sort of a household name for D-list reality TV stars, and recently Stodden has been making headlines for something other than being the poster child for age disparity.

She reportedly decided to shave her head.


Why do we care?

Stodden is 20 years old, and living the life of a misbegotten Sugar Baby. Rather than enjoying the spoils and stacking her chips like a wise SB, she’s so fame hungry that she can’t appreciate the spectacular life her Sugar Daddy/husband provides her with. To me, it seems like every year she needs to maker herself relevant because she’s bored.

Take it from me Babies, having the sweet life provided to you should not make you bored. It should enable you to start a business, volunteer, make time for charity, and further your education. If it comes to the point where you’re shaving your head in exchange for a trending headline, then your hair is no where near as expensive as mine.

Or is she truly upset wants to showcase her feels in a unique and symbolic way. Or did she not have hair in the first place, and she simply took out her extensions to look a little more Amber Rose? Whatever the case, the headlines she creates do not make me proud.

What do you think Babies? SB idol or attention seeker? Let’s talk Courtney Stodden!