Meet Other Sugar Babies

By Brook

Oct 30, 2016

Beneath the bills paid in full and designer couture of the Sugar Bowl, the lifestyle can sometimes be a bit isolating. If you need someone to confide in who understands Sugaring, the Sugar Sisters Forums were created for you to meet other Sugar Babies!

What is a Sugar Sister?

We all know about BFFs, and Sugar Sisters fall in that category. Another Sugar Baby or former Sugar Baby can be the perfect person to confide in when the topic is too sweet for your vanilla besties. Sugar Babies can be men too, it’s really anyone who “gets it,” which is easier said than done.

How do I find Sugar Sisters?

Every city has Sugar Babies, bigger cities obviously have more. My hope is that you can meet people in your area, but sometimes that’s not a possibility so I also encourage online Sugar Sisters as well. Here’s how to find them:

Step 1:

Visit the Sugar Sisters Forums, but read this post all the way through first so you know how it works.

Step 2:

On the forums are many topics, including names of some major cities. If your city is already posted, (what luck!) there are some Sugar Sisters in your area. Search for the name of your city or area using the magnifying glass to see if it’s been mentioned by a Sugar Sister already.  Now post a response! You’ll need to create an account to do that. It’s free and easy, I promise.

Note: To actually get in touch, I suggest listing your email or a way to contact you. If you want the email address of a Sugar Sister on the site, let me know and I can facilitate that. Email me,

Don’t see your city on the forums? Scroll to the bottom. Post a new topic with your city, or just what you’re looking for. Examples: “Sacramento, CA” or “Online Friends Apply!” I suggest posting your social handles, etc in addition to email addresses so people can easily get in touch. 

Step 3:

Just wait, you’ll end up meeting someone. As our Let’s Talk Sugar community grows, I hope that we can have strong Sugar networks in every city. The ultimate goal? World domination… eventually. For now, we’re just trying to flush out the salt. Be part of the movement. Sugar Sisters unite!