The Role of Alcohol in Sugar Dating

By Jasmin

Mar 02, 2017

I’ve been on dates with potential Sugar Daddies where I’m so vigilant not to come across as an amateur, even though the reality is I am. I always want to seem credible, intellectual or match up to their mental age so I don’t come across as ‘too young’ for them. This means sometimes sipping on an undesirable beverage. I’m going to discuss with you the role of alcohol in Sugar dating. Do you need to drink?

Putting on Airs

I end up going above and beyond – the expansive vocabulary, the articulate sentences, the heavy contour, red lipstick and stiletto heels… it was almost a completely different identity. However, one thing that I could just never catch onto was the ‘wine or soda’ mental debate I always faced. It continuously managed to leave me flustered when the waiter would approach us to order drinks.

Wine is seemed to always be the staple drink when going on dates. Especially with an SD because you want to look somewhat classy and give the impression that you don’t have the mental IQ of a child. There have been numerous occasions where I have ordered wine, pronouncing the foreign name completely incorrectly with a few stammers and awkward glances involved. Not to my surprise, it tasted absolutely horrible. Leaving me wishing that I had just gotten a nice, cold Sprite instead.

Stomaching Vino

I would sit there like an absolute newbie. Barely sipping dry, red wine, while the hunk across the table would gulp the drink down like it’s water. I think he kind of caught on eventually because the subtle faces I would pull after each sip gave away my detest for the beverage in front of me.

I ended up guiltily ordering a Sprite as well, proudly glugging that thing down like I was dehydrated. Towards the end of the date, I dreaded the fact that there may not be a second. But to my surprise, (after a good laugh) my choice of drink didn’t faze him in the slightest. It actually heightened his interest for me.

The Heavy Drinker Daddy

On the contrary, I was asked to meet a potential SD at a bar in Mayfair for a first meet. With this being said, I should’ve got the memo and ordered a strong alcoholic beverage instead of the trusty Smirnoff Ice with extra lemonade (which by the way tastes nothing like alcohol).

My date was a man in his mid 30’s, who still wanted to have a lot of fun in his life. Fast foreign cars, worked in the City and went out every Saturday night. I should’ve known when he asked to play a game (which involved rounds of tequila shots) that I was not in any way shape or form able to keep up. Let’s just say he wasn’t impressed in the slightest when I took my first shot and heaved for the next 15 minutes. I called it a night and never heard from him again.

Lesson Learned

What I’ve learned during this ordeal is to do your homework before you meet with a potential Sugar Daddy. You may find that he is a certain lifestyle that you just can’t keep up with. Yeah, you may not be his wife, but you will most likely be around him a lot. When he travels, when he goes to business events, or even when he just wants to take a stroll along the river bank at night.

With anyone in life, if you’re not compatible, it just won’t work. It doesn’t always have to be that complicated. Yes, you may come across a SD who is an elite expert when it comes to wine, or who will criticize and praise different types of whiskey, or who will happily have only a glass of water with his meal.
My advice? Order what you want, but be willing to try something new. If he wants to order a bottle of wine for the table, have a glass. But also order the Sprite. Save the embarrassment! You might just end up impressing him even more ordering an Ice Tea instead of a Sauvignon Blanc. It shows you’re different and don’t conform to the social norms or date traditions.