Scam, Salty, or Sweet Sugar Daddy

By Malia

Aug 08, 2017

What happens when a Sugar Baby signs up for SeekingArrangement? The first few weeks on SeekingArrangement your profile is viewed by an unbelievable amount of people. You receive an overwhelming number of messages. If that doesn’t happen, you may reassess your profile and revamp.

There should be much interest from so called Sugar Daddies.  It is very exciting and confusing time to say the least. There are really nice men, able and willing to splurge on you!

But not every man on SeekingArrangement is wealthy or have the right intention, so let’s touch upon the biggest issue a newbie SB faces:


Prince or Faux?

Identifying the prince charming Sugar Daddy among pretentious frogs can be a beast! You may not be up to kissing many frogs, so be wise as you sort through messages: The very sweet, the specific amount of money he offers right away, the get to know as a person first, the show yourself naked on webcam, the threesome vulture, the sweet talker for shopping and travel, the come to daddy’s house right now…

The responsibility to discern between a good and bad apple lies on your judgement. Let’s talk about the most blatant type of messages to skip.



Incoming money right away? Not so fast…. SCAM! Scamming creatures are those seeking to gain access to any money you have in your bank account. They want to add money and remove from your account. Or they want use your SSN and other personal information for identity theft. Have wide open eyes and do not be too eager. Don’t try to get a men at any cost and forget your common sense. The scenarios in which a scammer will try to get banking related information starts from you sharing such information in order to receive money from him via bank, normally before meeting him in person.


What to Watch For

• He tries to send you money to reserve you before the competition since he is traveling and will take a few weeks until he is able to come meet you in person. Therefore, he wants to reserve you all for himself.

• The POT wants to set up a direct deposit to receive allowance by talking to an agent, filling out forms for HR so he can deduct from his paycheck or add you to his company payroll.
• This man knows that you don’t have much money so he is advancing you to go get clothes, go to the salon and get dolled up for the day you will meet him.
• Maybe he wants to have an online long distance relationship for fantasy photo and video so he will send money to get an ipad, pay for the outfits he wants you to be wearing on the skype call.
• Suppose he wants you to help him by depositing his checks into your account and pay his bills from there and you get to keep half or a good chunk of his customer checks.
• He asks for your bank login information and password to make it easier for him to put money for you.

These days it is incredibly easy to receive cash by only sharing your email, via Paypal, Google, Amazon e-gift card or any e-gift card of your choice.
Tip: E-gift certificates are good alternative to cash.


The Booty Call

Getting to his benefits before you get yous? Show me the money… SALTY! In this is the crowd seeking a hookup or pump and dump with sweet talk you will discover he doesn’t want to be a Sugar Daddy even though he is on SeekingArrangement. Most importantly, do not get yourself in a situation that is private and hard to escape such as following a man to his house, office, hotel, car. Also, do not become intimate with anyone expecting that he will tomorrow or any day after start taking care of your financial needs, even if he promised.


Be Wary

Including in this type are the defensive ones who emphasize youth. They brag about their ability to get dates without paying. Or they put down Sugar Daddies as inept old men. The judgemental attitude, or lack of self confidence displayed, speak louder on his resistance of providing sweetness to a Sugar Baby. In the same genre some men will tell how so amazing you are and how much they’d like to date you for real, without awareness that without sugar they’d never stand a chance as vanilla boyfriends. Included in this general bucket are also men pushing for a closer relationship without an open conversation about allowance.


What You Can Do

Obviously it is important to get to know each other and gain trust so definitely keep dates safe. Public and friendly spots are awesome while at platonic level until. Wait until the sugar talk is clearly outlined and agreed upon for both parties.  Let the relationship evolve gradually and stipulate limits.

Tip: A reasonable limit to tell if he is a real SD or just wanting to show off with an army candy is up to three platonic meetings (a meet &  greet and a couple of lunch or dinner) without allowance.


The Real Deal

You may have hit the golden spot… SWEET! A nice start of an arrangement is very akin of a vanila dating. You get to know each other and build it up to get to a more intimate level. An open conversation and understanding of how each benefits from the relationship and restricts the scope with immediate gratification. What does it mean?  A man in vanilla dating will typically wine, dine and invest on entertaining a woman hoping to get luck. A man in sugar dating can do the same entertainment part but negotiates his expectations of getting lucky. In the vanilla dating case the question is if. On the sugar dating case the question is when will the relationship becomes intimate.

For the woman side it is ensuring that you feel safe. You should enjoy his company and see yourself advancing a relationship to intimacy on a faster track. Still it is in your terms to tell him when you are ready, and require instant gifting gratification. Since he won’t become your husband to take care of practical needs and support later.