SeekerSupport: To Report, or Not To Report

By Katanna

Mar 02, 2019

I think at some point a lot of us wanted to grow up and become Law & Order detectives. Well, ok, maybe that’s just me. But we all like seeing people brought to justice, right? Right! And there’s no better way of doing this then reporting a person for their violating or criminal activity. This may have been a stretch, but today we are going to be talking about member reports.

Member reports are one the best ways we keep our community on clean. It helps us remove bad actors that may not have been caught by one of our automatic systems. It also helps us to enhance the systems we already have in place. However, if a member is reported for the wrong reason, it can make the process a lot harder than it has to be.

Why Does The Report Reason Matter?

I’m glad you asked! For one, it makes our lives easier. We can look at the report reason (ie. Commercial Use), look at the evidence attached to the report, or the reported conversation and look for activity that would fall under that report reason. Of course, when investigating accounts, we always make sure to check for any violating activity, not just the reported reason.

It also helps us to keep a record on a users account. If a member is continually being reported for the same reason, we would be able to issue the account a warning, a suspension, or a ban depending on the severity and number of reports!

How Do I Know What Report Reason to Choose?

When reporting a profile, there will be a menu that appears, like this:

This can be a little confusing, we know! We are going to break down each “category” of report one by one below, and the types of activity that would fall under it.

Escorts and Soliciting

Using escort terminology

This would be used for anyone asking and/or offering arrangements on a shorter period of time or using commonly known escort terminology.

Suspected escort

You can report someone as a “suspected escort” if you have evidence that the user is an escort, such as an ad online, or if they have tried soliciting you.

Soliciting sex in exchange for compensation

Exactly what the title entails… Asking/Offering explicit sexual services in exchange for compensation.


Suspected underage

The user has given you a reason to believe that they are under the age of 18, or you have discovered it through other methods (attach any evidence that shows the user may be under the age of 18).

Potentially looking for underage members

If a user suggests or makes reference to looking for members who are under the age of 18 or has talked about dating underage people at any point.

Fake/Scam Member

Scammer/phishing attempt

There are a few different types of scams that can happen on the internet, but one of the most common are banking scams. Please use this report reason if a user is asking you for your online banking information/logins. If they ask to deposit money into your account or send you a check via western union, to have you buy them gift cards (most commonly iTunes), phishing Emails, etc.

This also includes not following through with the arrangement, asking for money upfront, or sending a donation link, like GofundMe. And it includes photo and number collectors, basically, users who have no intention to set up an arrangement, and only wants to collect information from members.


Use this to report a member who is consistently spamming you with unwanted messages.

Using the site for Commercial Activity

This report reason is for anyone using the site for anything other than finding a relationship. This can include promoting/looking for clients, recruiting/looking for employees and competing dating sites promoting their business. Users attempting to have a relationship by selling photos/vids, a subscription to their webcam site, or selling used garments. Users promoting their massage services. And users looking for roommates.

You should also report users looking for or providing Surrogacy or becoming a Sperm donor. You can also report users in the BDSM/Findom community who are asking for “donations/tributes” before starting an arrangement.

Criminal Activities

Threats from a member

Use this if someone is sending you threatening messages.

Physical assault

This can include both sexual and physical assault. If this has happened to you, we recommend that you report the incident to your local authorities first. They will be able to take legal action against the other person. Once you have a police report, we ask that you then report the member in question and provide us with a copy of the report. This will allow us to take proper action against the account.


Theft can come in two forms. Asking for payment upfront, collecting it and never showing up to the date- thus leaving you out the money that you provided and stealing possessions.

Other suspected criminal activity

Use this report reason if you come across a user that has been conducting themselves in other unlawful ways not previously listed. This can include discovering that a user is an ex-con. If a has provided you with a fake check or fake currency. If a member misuses your relationship, for example knowingly giving STDs, blackmail/extortion, stalking, or harassment. If a user is trying to obtain citizenship through a green card marriage. If the user is trying to sell or obtain drugs, has given you an indication that they are trafficking, or part of a trafficking group and meeting under false pretenses.

We also remove users who do not represent themselves truthfully on the site. If a member is stating they are a cop and need more information from you, please report them.

Profile Content

This report reason will flag the content that a profile contains. You can report either the profile content or their photos, and our support team will investigate the account. When reporting photos, you have both the “Nudity” and “Picture not of the person” options. When reporting for “Picture not of the person”, please make sure you attach evidence if possible, or describe in detail why you choose this option.

For the “User deceased or missing”, please provide evidence or more detail. This will help us with the investigation process!

Inappropriate Conduct

You would report a member for this if they are sending inappropriate messages, they use excessive rudeness when messaging you, or they are seeking an online-only relationship.

How Do I Add Evidence To My Report?

Once you have gone through the report reason prompts, you will be taken to this screen:

This is where you will add your report details and upload evidence. The more detail and evidence you add, the faster the investigation process will go. Please keep in mind, that at this time you are only able to add one piece of evidence to reports made on site. If you have more evidence that you want to submit, please email them as an attachment to [email protected] We are going to be adding the ability to upload more evidence to your member reports in the future!

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