Six Lies Pop Culture Tells You About Sugar Babies

By Rachel

Nov 05, 2015

Why do people insist on attaching stigmas to the term Sugar Baby? More often than not, most are ill-informed of what the word truly means or what the lifestyle is really about. The truth is, Sugar Baby is a term for a young female or male who is financially pampered/cared for by a ‘Sugar Daddy’ or ‘Sugar Mama‘ in exchange for companionship. Next, many people buy into what Hollywood and mainstream culture portrays them to be. Here are six lies pop culture tells you about Sugar Babies — and they are far from the truth!

“Sugar Babies are just escorts”

Probably the number one misconception about being a Sugar Baby is the constant reference to prostitution. A transactional (sex for cash) agreement that occurs between a patron and a prostitute is not the same as the arrangement that a Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby agree upon. An arrangement traditionally occurs after chemistry and connection have been built upon, much like normal courting. Only difference is that both of you are lying what you want or don’t want on the table. Sex is never part of an arrangement, but with attraction and connection, it can often be aspired to. Let’s be adults here. Who doesn’t want to have sex with someone they like? Just because Facebook statuses aren’t changed to “in a relationship” doesn’t mean it’s prostitution.

“You have to be a blonde with big boobs”

Yes, some notorious Sugar Babies do fit this mold, but that’s Hollywood for you. In reality, the millions of members on SeekingArrangement come from all different backgrounds, and countries in many shapes and sizes. From students, to single moms, to males, there is no one size fits all mold for a Sugar Baby. No specific look garnishes more success either. You can be super skinny or BBW, it doesn’t matter, because someone somewhere is searching for a Sugar Baby like you! Success is all about how you market yourself online and in person–some advice for any aspect of life.

“They don’t even work or have real jobs”

Sugar is a lifestyle, but not meant to keep a roof over your head. Majority of Sugar Babies work enabling them to reach their goals whether it’s a part time job, a full time student (arguably a job), or running their own company. Most have Sugar Daddies as a supplement to enhance their current lifestyle. Who wouldn’t want a little extra income, or gifts they don’t have to spend their own hard earned cash on once in awhile? That doesn’t mean these men and women aren’t holding their own.

“Just out for the money”

If we aren’t prostitutes we must be gold diggers, right? Another farce society wants you to believe. Not everyone who labels herself a Sugar Baby is after cash. A lot of them are after the networking benefits, the mentorship, the travel, or sheer experience in which they can’t provide themselves. Believe it or not, there are women out there who are simply attracted to older, successful gentlemen.

“All Sugar Babies are homewreckers”

It’s no secret, that there are married men who have Sugar Babies. Yet, not every girl that seeks an older man is seeking the title of mistress. Many make it a point to voice in their profiles, not to contact them if married. For the Sugar Babies who do choose to engage with married men, there is no breaking something that was already broken to begin with.

“Most are dumb girls”

This is often bundled with the assumption of a Sugar Baby being a dumb blonde. Just because we look damn good on the arm of a man doesn’t mean we are airheads who can’t think for ourselves. We don’t need our Sugar Daddies ordering for us at a five star restaurant. We can hold our own in conversations, we are cultured, and we can talk about more than the tight designer dresses we wear. Many Sugar Babies are students, some are CEOs and others aspiring entrepreneurs. Some have more life experience then you and I combined.

While there is no denying you will run into individuals who only believe the falsehoods that the media feeds them, you can with confidence, demonstrate to them that there is much more to being a Sugar Baby than the misconceptions may lead them to believe.