Sugar Baby Guide to the App World

By Rachel

Dec 11, 2015

It seems everything has an app these days. Luckily for most of us millenials, we’ve been techies for some time. But with an app for everything, how do you know you have all the right digital necessentials, especially when it comes to balancing your Sugar life? Here are 5 solid apps to have downloaded on your phone that will only enhance your Sugar experience.

In some cities this app is old news, but in others the Uber phenomenon has just begun. This rideshare app is perfect for getting to and from dates when you don’t feel like driving or if you know you may have a couple cocktails. Say goodbye to the awkward days of waiting around post date or having to hail a cab. The app allows you to share rides, split costs, and pinpoint the exact location of where you’ll be picked up, perfect for nights when you’re over walking in your designer heels.

For Sugar Babies, this is the easiest way to track your finances. The app links to your bank accounts and you can manage your allowances, paychecks, savings, etc, right from your phone. You can categorize spending and even set monthly budgets. We are all familiar with online banking but this app gives you a layout of your spending with the touch of your fingertip. Sometimes it’s easier to understand your cash flows when you can visually see each charge at any time. Plus, you can see where Daddy may be able contribute more when it comes to your funds.

beGlammed is an on-demand beauty service that delivers professional hairstylists and makeup artists straight to your door. Dates with Daddy take time, so let someone else handle the maintenance. This is something that you can also factor into your allowance. The app provides both hair and makeup artists varying in levels of experience. Tap the app to book a personal beauty team and get glammed up in the comfort of your home, office, hotel, or any other location.

bSafe is an app that is geared toward keeping you safe. It’s loaded with features ranging from sharing locations with family and friends, virtual walks home and even a fake call to make the phone ring when you want it to, like on a terrible date. A smart Sugar Baby knows safety comes first before any fancy bag or allowance, making this app the ultimate safety tool for you. Think it will never happen to you? Download the app anyway. Better safe than sorry.

For those serial Sugar daters, who are compulsive about staying organized to avoid mixing up men, this app covers your bases with a wide degree of calendar and to do list features. View all your important info in daily, weekly and monthly modes. Create events and sync with a  Google, Facebook, and Exchange, as well as Google Tasks. Between work, friends, family and Sugar Dating, a busy, detail orientated woman needs the right tools to keep everything sweet and sailing smoothly.