Sugar Baby Summit Recap

By Avianna

Jun 12, 2017

SeekingArrangement and Let’s Talk Sugar landed in London for a fabulous Sugar Baby Summit on Thursday, May 17th 2017.

I attended the Summit as a Sugar Baby and I really enjoyed myself. I was nervous about attending the event as I was going alone and I wasn’t sure how friendly everyone would be. We all have preconceived notions about people and despite being a Sugar Baby myself, I thought the other Sugar Babies would be arrogant and pretentious. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I never before spoke in person with other Sugar Babies so I suppose my preconceived notions were never before challenged, but I was happily proven wrong.


Meeting and Greeting

Upon arriving I checked in at the welcome desk and was given a tote bag with loads of goodies such as a t-shirt and the Summit booklet. After this I saw another desk in the room and it was full of pink colours so I just had to check it out. It was the Let’s Talk Sugar table, Seeking Arrangement’s official sugar baby support, advice and lifestyle site. I was met by two very friendly and fashionable expert Sugar Babies. They were Let’s Talk Sugar coaches. They told me about the sugar baby coaching services they offer. There were  profile assessments, profile rewrites and video calls, and because I was interested in these services I signed up to the waitlist. I was then given a complimentary makeup bag with a gorgeous lip gloss inside. The lip gloss was pink, tasted like sugar and smelled like sugar. It was super cute!


Come Single and Ready to Mingle

I then mingled with the other Sugar Babies and everyone was so lovely. To my happy surprise, there was such a diversity of Sugar Babies. There were gay and straight Sugar Babies, and Sugar Babies of all skin colours, and body shapes. It was great to see! Many Sugar Babies were normal students working hard at university. Some simply wanting to meet nice, wealthy men to date. I made many friends that day and I talk with several of the Sugar Babies I met on WhatsApp.

It was then time for lunch and it was amazing. Everyone grabbed food and chatted. After much mingling and eating, it was time for what we all came for; the expert talks.


Let’s Talk Sugar!

Everyone packed into the auditorium and took their seats. Let’s Talk Sugar’s Brook Urick took to the stage and gave a warm welcome to us all and an introduction to the day’s talks.

The talks were very informative and covered a vast array of topics, such as how to negotiate an allowance, how to budget and save money wisely, online safety, how to build the perfect profile, and fashion and style advice. We could ask questions at the end of each talk and many, many questions were asked. There were some really interesting discussions.

The final talk was a panel Q&A, and it included several expert Sugar Babies and Seeking Arrangement CEO and founder, Brandon Wade.


Sugar Sisterhood

After the talks, we all enjoyed chocolate brownies (they were so good!) and continued to mingle together. It was so lovely talking to other sugar babies and making new friends with people who you don’t have to hide your sugar lifestyle from. We could all just be ourselves and talk about everything Sugar-related.

I really, really enjoyed the Sugar Baby Summit and I cannot wait to attend the next one!