Sugar Daddy Hotspots

By Jasmin

Jul 07, 2017

Online Sugar Dating can be a bit tedious at times, especially when you’re not familiar with ‘the game’. The truth is, dating in general can be one of the hardest things to master. The beauty of sites like SeekingArrangement is that they are created to bring Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies together. But if you are interested in adding freestyling to your repertoire, read on for my suggested Sugar Daddy hotspots where you can find your wealthy mister.

What to Avoid

I found that the biggest mistake I used to make was going to extremely packed bars in the heart of London. Many would see this as more of a pro than a con, but the reason I say this was a mistake is because most of the time, even the most confident of men would find difficulty in approaching me with the fear of rejection in such a congested environment. They tend to keep away to avoid such situations.

The Sweet Spot

Intimate bars with low lighting have proven to work best for me. The reason behind this lies within the keyword itself – intimate. Intimacy in any place or situation provides comfort and security. It heightens confidence and allows room for people who lack confidence to gradually enhance it as the night goes on. This is perfect for potential Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby interaction, as you end up learning more about each other in depth whilst in a secure environment. No rush, no pressure, and most definitely no side eye from others.

Be Choosy

With all of this, we have to consider the types of bars that we go to. I’ve realised (in the UK especially) that most wealthy men like to hang out in the same spots. Realistically, it’s very rare that you would find a successful Sugar Daddy hanging around in a bar that takes pride in its ‘happy hours’. I suggest exploring different bars at different times to see the kind of audience it attracts.

Charity Events

Another place that screams Sugar Daddies is definitely charity balls. Now many may find that it’s extremely difficult to find a charity ball that accepts people who don’t fit into a specific niche, but it’s not as hard as people make it out to be. Many online platforms which give organisations and event creators the opportunity to post events also allow many members of the public to buy tickets and attend. If you search hard enough, you can find the odd lavish charity event that would most likely cost a few hundred to get in.

The Advantage

At such Sugar Daddy hotspots, you will be surrounded by wealth. The men who attend are willing to pay big bucks to get in and big bucks to donate to the charity, whether it be for PR purposes or a genuine care for the charity they’re donating to, they aren’t messing around with the shallowness of their wallets. The only downside I can find to this is that most of these men will sometimes bring a plus one, which isn’t ideal for a Sugar Baby. You may, however find the odd few who are looking for someone to be their date for the night…on that night. It does happen.


To conclude, finding a wealthy partner online is great and works wonders, but for those who prefer to have more options, do consider the few places I’ve listed above when wanting a more intimate meeting of a potential.