Sugar Daddy Screening

By Zenya Rose

Jul 16, 2017

I grew up in a household where we watched To Catch A Predator religiously, with that being said I have ALWAYS had a complex when it comes to meeting people off the internet. Even something as simple as a Tinder date raises my anxiety levels and makes my palms sweat!

So let’s say you meet the POT of your dreams. He is handsome, in-shape, and has a hefty lifestyle budget. He says all the right things via email and you feel a vibe, however he is not a SeekingArrangement Diamond member. Diamond members have a background check to verify their income and their criminal history. If he isn’t one we will have to roll up our sleeves and do the work ourselves. Here is my process of sugar daddy screening.


If you’re like me, then you like some level of familiarity before leaving your house to meet someone. The best arrangements I’ve ever had were with men with no profile pictures. I wouldn’t say the two are related, but I’ve definitely noticed a correlation. Generally these men are younger and have families. However, I would NEVER suggest meeting someone with no idea who you’re meeting. Here are some simple lines I use to get to know a POT before dinner,

If you are arranging a time and date for a meet and greet add…
I do like to FaceTime before meeting in person to confirm our identities. Just a safety precaution, when would be a good time for you?

If he is upfront and direct, match his confidence level…
I have the utmost respect for a man who is forthright in his desires. Would you be comfortable with a Skype call at 8?

If he is skeptical or doesn’t understand why it is important to you…
My safety is always my number one priority. A five-minute Skype call confirms we both are who we say and puts my nerves at ease so I can truly look forward to our date!


Ask where he has lived before and where was his favorite?

Ask what the requirements of his job are? Is he a total math whiz?
Ask what brought him to SeekingArrangement.
You really can’t go wrong when it comes to asking about his work and education because they can be verified. Obviously let the conversation flow, but take note of his answers. All of these things can be verified later! And it makes him so much easier to trust.


There are a lot of websites that pop up when you Google “Free background checks online” however I didn’t have a lot of luck with them. If you want something done right, you may just have to fork over some cash. About thirty dollars later, the site I had the best experience with was

In order to do a thorough search you will need their full name, age, city and state. Once you find your POT in the search it will show you contact information, associated people, criminal and civil cases. It also shows you bankruptcies, their professional profile- usually LinkedIn and other social media. There is a premium data option as well.

I always feel better screening my POTs. I hope these pointers can be of some help to you in screening yours.