Sugar Matchmaking: PerfectArrangement

By Sugar Experts

Sep 03, 2015

If you’re trying to make it in the Sugar Bowl, I’m sure you’ve learned that it’s time consuming and sometimes difficult to get started. Many women on SeekingArrangement treat finding a Sugar Daddy like finding a job. But wouldn’t it be great if someone did the work for you? What if there was a service that allowed you to bypass obnoxious messages or profiles without photos? is just that! You can watch this video for more details.

Now, this isn’t a dating site. This is an actual matchmaking service. If you’ve ever watched Millionaire Matchmaker, you know this type of service would cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars and it does for the men, but for Sugar Babies it’s completely free. Just like the men investing their hard earned money on finding the right Sugar Baby, this site is also geared toward women who are serious about finding the right wealthy benefactor.

So how does it work? You use your SeekingArrangement account to login and create your profile. Some of the information will carry over, but some things are more specific and will require a more thorough response. Some of the questions may seem personal such as-weight, cup size or any cosmetic procedures you’ve had. Understand this helps us make the matching process that much more efficient so as not to waste your time later.

You have to list your weight, cup size, and any cosmetic procedures you’ve had. It’s important to be really honest here, because anyone who ends up meeting you won’t be pleased if you weren’t completely truthful upfront. There’s also specifics like dress size and hair length so we can really get an idea what you look like for a potential match.

The best part of creating your profile on this site is that you also get to fill out your ideal match preferences. You can specify what height you’re looking for, what religions you’ll go for, and your perfect age range. Most importantly, you get the chance to fill out your must haves and deal breakers. Yes, blatantly write out what you need in your arrangement. Make sure allowance is listed as a must have.

After you fill that out, you’ll be able to upload your pictures. We need you to complete Verified By Cam, which is a short video you record of yourself on your computer that will prove you look like your pictures. We’ve all seen Catfish on MTV, and this is a way to keep that from happening. Once all that is done, the next step is to wait.

We’re working on building up our network of men and women on the site, but until our matchmakers think you fit the bill for what a Daddy is looking for, this is going to be a waiting game. Everyone is looking for something different, and eventually there might be someone for you. If you are selected to be matched, our matchmaker will set up a date between you and the Sugar Daddy we choose. Keep in mind this is a service for people who don’t have time to search for an arrangement themselves, so if you do get contacted try and have an open mind, and an open schedule.

Nobody’s perfect, but you can have the perfect arrangement!

Are you going to join PerfectArrangement?