Sugar Reflection for the New Year

By Deena

Jan 11, 2016

The new year has arrived, and while everyone is still making their new Sugar resolutions, take some time and think about all the sweet progress you have made in the past year. January is the perfect month for reflection. For some it has been another year of making it rain, and getting all of the goodies that come with being a Sugar Baby. For others, you have finally found the courage to jump into this lifestyle and are just starting out. For the rest, this lifestyle has not been so sweet, and you may have stepped back, or just found yourself not receiving as much Sugar as  you wished or hoped for.

A major key to success for being a Sugar Baby is the ability to reflect and grow. As the clock strikes midnight, it is a perfect time to think about this past year and all of the experiences that you have had, and really examine the things that went wrong and what went right, and capitalizing on the things you learned. As you make your resolutions, think about where you want to be next year, and what have you learned from the past year to help you achieve these future goals.

For the Experienced…

This year has been one for the books. Be it traveling to new corners of the Earth, making progress in your advancement towards career goals, landing your dream (or multiple) Sugar Daddy/Momma or even just extending your glamorous closet. But what didn’t you get this year? Were there any times of struggle?

For the Newbie…

You have finally decided to see what this lifestyle is about. Maybe you have sent a few messages back and forth with POTs, gone on a few dates,you might even be trying to secure yourself your first Sugar Parent, and it is all exciting starting this journey. You’re on such a high, but what about the low parts you’ve experienced on your way getting to this point? Maybe you jumped into the lifestyle too quickly and were not completely prepared for the shift, of just encountered a slew of salty men.

For the unlucky…

For you, the Sugar, well, seems to be running a little salty. Maybe you have lost a Sugar Parent this past year, maybe you have lost the support of your friends from being outed, maybe after a whole year you have still not found yourself a benefactor. Take this time to really think about what went wrong. This is a great time to take a pause, do some studying on the art of finessing, update your profiles and really start this new year off right. Shed off the the negativity that happened this past year and embrace all the sweetness that is to come this year.

Reflecting on the bad helps you grow into a better Sugar Baby and avoid making the same mistakes in the future, but looking at the good also gives you hope that this next year you can be even more fabulous than the last.

Fingers crossed to an even sweeter year!