Safety in the Sugar Bowl

By Sugar Experts

Sep 03, 2015

Sugar can be intimidating, and safety is always a concern. Today’s online dating world can be a vulnerable place so she discusses the importance of safe practices online.

One of the main reasons people are reluctant to accept online dating is because of the safety aspect, so we put together some important facts and helpful tips to get you more comfortable with the topic. Granted, the internet world is a scary place, but SeekingArrangement is actually one of the safest sites out there.

Common Sense

It’s very important to do your homework before your date. Search their name online and see what you can find. You’d be surprised how much insight Google can show you. Drag their photo into an image search and see what comes up.

It’s also necessary to take precautions, such as meeting in a public place. Never meet at his home or somewhere you are unfamiliar. Be sure to let a close friend or family member know where you’re going to be, and set a check in time. They need to know your whereabouts so that they can take action if something were to go wrong.

Even after all that, meeting someone from the site can still be risky. But what they say is true: with great risk comes great reward. To show you how safe Sugaring can enhance your life, we followed Allison, a Sugar Baby from New York. Her Sugar Daddy flew her to Las Vegas for a first time meeting.

Allison is an aspiring dancer who has reaped the benefits of Sugar. She had never been to Las Vegas until her Sugar Daddy decided to fly her out and put her up in a hotel. She was given an allowance of $1,500 and accompanied her Sugar Daddy at two dinners and a show.

Allison’s Date

We caught up with Allison to ask her how her weekend went. She also wanted to hear how Allison made sure it would be a safe trip. Allison felt very comfortable coming to Las Vegas. She mentioned that she was a little skeptical at first, but found reassurance in the fact that her flight and hotel room were both fully booked in her name. It gave her a sense of security to know that she could simply go to her own room after her Sugar date.

Overall, Allison rated her trip a ten. Her accommodations made her very comfortable, and she enjoyed the finer things Las Vegas had to offer. Her Sugar Daddy paid close attention to her interests and shared a genuine connection with her.

Lastly, Allison shared the importance of not being afraid to ignore, and report inappropriate Sugar Daddies. SeekingArrangement takes all reports very seriously, and no report goes uninvestigated. If you follow your gut and use common sense, SeekingArrangement is a great place to be.

What are your best safety tips?