Sugar Slang Dictionary

By Brook

Nov 13, 2015

If you literally can’t even with all the Sugar slang floating around, you’re not alone. The complex Sugar World comes with it’s own set of terminology. Here are the terms you need to know to make it in the Sugar Bowl.


n. (pē-oh-tē)
A potential Sugar Daddy. This is a guy you might not have met in person yet, but he is someone you’re seriously considering an arrangement with. You may have been on a date with him, but nothing solid has been established.

Salt Daddy

n. (salt-da-dē)
Hearing someone is “a piece of salt” means he’s not a real Sugar Daddy. There is some confusion on what the true meaning of a Salt Daddy is, so visit this blog for the disambiguation. This is most commonly used to describe a man who is not rich or generous enough to be a Sugar Daddy, but uses the idea to lure unsuspecting maidens.


v. (sȯl-tē)
This is a term used by most people to describe someone who is unhappy or sour. In the Sugar World, it’s more referring to them not wanting a traditional Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy relationship. He might be looking for a girlfriend instead of a Sugar Baby, and that can be deemed salty by some players in the bowl.

Splenda Daddy

n. (splen-duh-da-dē)
Artificial sweetener is the idea here since a Splenda Daddy is one that wants with all his heart to be a Sugar Daddy, but just doesn’t have the money for it. These guys are good for dinners and friendships, but shouldn’t be taken as seriously as a man who does have the resources to be a Sugar Daddy. If he had the funds, he’d be much more fun, if you will.


n. (pā-pər-mēt)
An arrangement blurs the lines of what’s legal when you agree to pay-per-meet, or a set amount per meeting. You want something long lasting. Pay-per-meet is a lot like pay-for-play, and that’s not the game for you.


v. (frē-stīəl)
Searching for your Sugar Daddy in real life is the fine art of freestyling. This can be done anywhere POTs are found. More on that in our blog on where to meet Sugar Daddies in the wild. It’s always important to look amazing when you freestyle, obvi.

Now you are caught up on all the sweetest lingo around. Are there any other terms you want me to break down for you? Leave them in the comments!