Sugaring and Social Media

By Candice

Feb 13, 2016

Update for the audience from my last blog post: my POT (potential Sugar Daddy) has been located. He texted me several days later saying he broke his phone on a work trip, so now I feel silly for freaking out. Oddly enough, we have yet to meet again since our Christmas meet and greet because he’s been too busy, but this segways into my topic for this blog post. Now that social media has made it easy to stalk, I mean view, everyone’s life updates what happens when you can’t?

Life is much simpler actually. They say ignorance is bliss and I’m starting to think that applies here. My current SD (not the Christmas POT), does not exist on social media (insert shocked face emoji). Here are my thoughts on Sugaring and social media. 

Social Suicide

I always thought now that it’s 2016, if you don’t have Facebook you basically don’t exist. I mean even my grandmother has Facebook (not that she knows how to use it and still pokes people). But he actually doesn’t have Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. He does have Linkedin though!

At first I was bummed out, because I have a lot of pictures of us from our summer travels, but I can’t post any of them because he wants to remain private and doesn’t like his picture out there. He also knows I’m like a little social butterfly so everyone will be like “omg, who’s that?!” So whenever we travel my social media is riddled with pictures of me, scenery, me, food, me, travel updates, me, more scenery, me, etc., but never him or us.

Respecting His Privacy

Now that he’s been my SD for almost seven months now, I’m totally over the fact I can’t post pictures of us and I respect his decision to remain private. Even though a harmless picture of us at dinner may seem like nothing to me, he wants to remain as discreet as possible (and not because he’s married or anything like that). Our communication is limited to texts, phone calls, and sometimes Skype, but I don’t ever have to check social media for his updates because there are none, which actually puts me at ease.

Sometimes that’s the reality of being a Sugar Baby though, we often must remain discreet because our SD may be a big-time CEO, business owner, lawyer, doctor, etc., and they don’t want to be in the spotlight as much as we may love to shine. One thing to remember is not to compromise your safety for it, especially if you are traveling with a new POT you just met.

So to sum it up, social media can drive us insane with the constant need to check and be in touch with society, so it’s actually refreshing to have a SD that’s anti-social media. Additionally, while you may have to tune down the bragging rights and can’t Instagram that pic of you two on the yacht, I’m sure you can channel your inner Kylie Jenner with a solo pic.