The Sugar Baby Who Prefers Older Daddies

By The Sugar Interviewer

Apr 16, 2017

In the Sugar Bowl there are many types of Sugar Daddies, but one kind that is often avoided (aside from the dreaded Salt Daddies) is the group of much older Sugar Daddies. There are Sugar Babies who prefer younger Sugar Daddies, perhaps to be seen with someone more attractive or to find someone with something they have more in common with. But, there are those Sugar Babies who dare to go for older Sugar Daddies and have fairly good reasons. For example, Lily Banks a 21-year-old Sugar Baby has been in the Sugar Bowl for two years. She is a Sugar Baby who prefers older Daddies over than younger ones.

What Was the Oldest Sugar Daddy You Have Ever Had?

Well, the oldest Sugar Daddy I have ever had was around 68. He was a very kind and generous man but some of his social views clashed with mine and I found it difficult to continue the relationship. Plus, his health was not doing well so our arrangement was put on hold until the point that we both realized that it was over.

Would You Say It Is Better or Worse to Have an Older Sugar Daddy?

I would personally say that I prefer older Sugar Daddies over the younger ones. I feel that the younger the Sugar Daddy, the more they feel entitled to a Sugar Relationship that only benefits them. [Older] Daddies have a better understanding and usually more experience in the Sugar Bowl.

Is It Easy to See Eye to Eye with The Age Gap, Or Are the Different Views Sometimes Too Difficult to Deal with?

As I stated before, of course when there is such a huge gap in age, you are not always going to see eye to eye. Most of the older Sugar Daddies I have dated had different values.

Have You Ever Ended a Relationship Due to These Age Gap Value Differences?

I have ended one relationship because of this, but I try to not let it affect the arrangement too much. Since I left that Sugar Daddy, I have tried being more tolerant with older Sugar Daddies’ differing values.

Are Older Sugar Daddies Usually More Financially Generous or Strict?

It always depends. Sometimes you will get the most generous Sugar Daddy you could ever dream of, and other times you end up with the saltiest Daddy of them all. However, I usually do find that the older the Daddy, the higher the allowance. It seems they appreciate your time more. That is not to say I haven’t dealt with my fair share of cheap, older Salt Daddies.

How Do You Know If Dating an Older Sugar Daddy Is for You?

First, if you are uncomfortable with people staring at you in public, then I do not recommend having an arrangement with an older Daddy. People will stare – a lot. Chances are they will either know you are a Sugar Baby or assume you are a gold digger. It happens. Second, if his age bothers you enough to not be comfortable getting physical with him, do not waste his or your time. If not, make it clear prior to meeting up how intimate you are comfortable getting or if you simply want a completely platonic relationship. Third, if it clicks you will know. Don’t force anything that doesn’t come naturally.