The Sweetest Resolutions

By Ivy Babe

Dec 12, 2017

Happy 2018, ladies! After an indulgent holiday season, we’re ready to set aside the champagne and trade our Louboutins for Balenciaga trainers. It’s time to make ourselves our best selves. Here are some of the sweetest resolutions.

The Sweetest Resolutions

Most of us are in the business of making resolutions. However, far fewer of us are in the business of keeping them. Here’s the skinny on some popular Sugar Baby resolutions, including which are sweet and which are salty.

Keep It: Be More Organized

Babies are some of the most organized women I know. I’ve always been organized and it’s helped me through top-tier academic institutions, but I’ve only become more organized since joining the Bowl. Daddy is busy, so it’s up to you to accommodate his schedule. While I’m a one Daddy girl, some Babies have multiple Daddies and that means multiple schedules to juggle. All that, plus her own schedule, without making any Daddy feel like he’s being squeezed in!

Get a planner. Set your goals in and out of the Bowl. Organize your time to meet those goals. Your days don’t all need to be meticulously planned out, but a little color coding and Excel magic can go a long way! For most of us, the Bowl is a temporary lifestyle. Being organized and strategic can help you get all you want out of it before the clock runs out on sugar!

Toss it: Lose Weight

One of the biggest misconceptions out there is that Daddies all want a skinny, D-cup blonde. Daddies have all sorts of different tastes! While I’m a petite Baby, I’m also a barely A-cup and a Baby of color. POTs who reach out to me love it, as does my Daddy!

Instead of trying to change your build, improve on what you have. If curves are what you bring to the table, let’s make them toned curves. Whatever the shape or size, healthy always looks best! While weight loss could result from your health-improving changes, it shouldn’t be the primary goal.

Instead: Target Health Improving Resolutions

The simple resolution ‘get healthy’ gets to the heart of the goal, but it doesn’t set you up to achieve it. Instead, set one or two targeted health-improving resolutions. Some good ones are ‘drink at least 8 glasses of water per day,’ ‘eat a serving of produce of every meal,’ ‘get at least 8 hours of sleep per night,’ ‘workout for 30 minutes at least 3 times per week.’ Don’t set too many or your focus will be splayed and you’re less likely to stick with any of them!

The same goes for unrealistic resolutions. If you’ve never worked out before, don’t resolve to hit the gym daily for an hour. Make small, realistic changes and they’re more likely to last. Then, next year, you can build on those improvements with some more!

Whatever your resolution, remember that you’re already a wonderful, beautiful Baby. You can know you’re fabulous and still work hard to improve yourself. Confidence is one of a Baby’s essential traits!