The Truth About Sending Nudes

By Brook

Mar 08, 2016


We’ve all (probably) done it. Sent a nude photo to a boyfriend or flame, and promptly living to regret it. While sending a nude photo can be a symbol of trust and, let’s be honest, is kind of fun, it should be done with discretion. Here’s the truth about sending nudes. 

First Things First

Don’t go distributing your nudes to every guy that messages you. Beware of men who are only collecting pictures, or ask for nudes before meeting. My rule for sending nudes is only after they’ve seen it in person. If you’re comfortable being intimate with someone, then it’s natural you should be able to send them a nude photo.

Sending revealing photos can be a great way to build up sexual tension before seeing someone again, and are essential for long distance relationships. Again, only with someone you trust.


A great alternative to texting nudes is sending them through Snapchat. The image disappears after the set amount of time, and you’re alerted if they screenshot the picture. The company doesn’t save information, and keeps your images and chats private, though they do share some behaviors with advertisers, which is standard for the world we live in.

Protect Yourself

If you’re still concerned about sending nudes, it’s best to keep your face and any tattoos or anything recognizable out of it. You can get creative with angles, and it’s easy to be sexy and classy without showing your entire face.

Legally Speaking

Sending nudes is not illegal. The expectation of privacy is there when you send a nude picture, and the law in most states is on your side. Starting in California about two years ago, revenge porn laws have been popping up all through the country.

It’s actually illegal for him to post your images anywhere without your permission. Basically the idea of the legislation is solid: if you take a picture on your phone or camera of yourself, that picture is automatically copyrighted by you. Since you have legal right to nudes and any other pictures you take of yourself, it is against the law for anyone to post them.

It’s punishable with up to six months in prison and a $1,000 fine, similar to copyright infringements. Should anyone ever threaten you, just remind them that you know your rights and are more than happy to sue him!