The Women’s March

By Nikki Sweet

Feb 05, 2018

A sea of homemade signs, held by hundreds of men, women and even children, their heads adorned in pink fuzzy hats Fists and voices raised. Some in anger, some in defiance. All with a singular purpose: women’s rights.

The most recent Women’s March is one of those hot-button topics that’s hard to avoid talking about these days. From your Great Aunt Sally blasting her views all over Facebook to the New York Times debating whether it’s a fading fad or a genuine movement, it’s definitely a topic that is at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

A National Conversation, A Moment In Time…

Should that include the mind of a Sugar Baby? I’m here to say that yes, it really should. After all, today’s Sugar Daddies aren’t just looking for brainless porcelain dolls to drag along with them to parties and events; many of them want a full-fledged woman they can talk to about life, the world, and especially current events. Someone who has a mind-and opinions-of her own.

But what do you do if you and your man have radically different views on this particular current event? Maybe inside of you beats the heart of a radical feminist, while he’s straight-down-the-line old school Southern gentleman. He sees a woman’s role as being half-naked and baking cookies in the kitchen, while you picture your weekend more spent out on the picket line with a bright pink Pussy Hat propped on your noggin.

How to Stay Sugar Sweet with a Strong Opinion

As always when it comes to life in the Sugar bowl, it’s important that you remember to couch your more controversial opinions in as inoffensive way as possible when discussing them with your sweet Sugar Daddy. It isn’t going to do either of you any good to get into a heated, angry argument, especially if you’re both pretty set in your opinions. One of you is bound to leave the discussion feeling hurt, and that’s not a mood that leads to any kind of good Sugar.

If the two of you do find that you are on opposite sides of the spectrum politically when it comes to the Women’s March, consider seeing what you have in common first and going from there. Since the March revolves around contraception and you most likely have similar views there, why not start on a topic you agree with?

Once you have established some goodwill by proving you can both be civilized, it’s often easier to have a lively (but not livid) discourse.

It’s About More Than Just Women…

Because let’s face it, the Women’s March doesn’t just have an effect on us as Sugar Babies. Even the most financially secure and established Sugar Daddy may feel threatened by this uprising of women in the political world, or he might find himself feeling thrilled by it. He might be intrigued by seeing more women empowering themselves, particularly if he is more of a Mentor Daddy, or he might be of the opinion that we’d all be better off going back to the world of Mad Men and Don Draper.

Whatever flavor of Sugar Daddy you have first consider what the Women’s March means to both of youTake this politically charged opportunity in time and use it to discuss the world around the two of you with him.

So Set the Mood….

Dim the lights, pour him a nice full glass of his favorite wine, pull him by the hand to the couch and sincerely ask him for his opinion. Next, really listen to what he has to say, and then don’t be afraid to throw your own opinion in the mix as well. He’ll see you as more than just fun arm-candy, and the next time a world-changing event occurs, you’ll know that he values your brain as much as your body.

When it comes down to it the ability to discuss the world around you in a stimulating and thought-provoking way is as much of an asset in the Sugar bowl as perky breasts and legs that just won’t quit.