Traveling to Meet a Sugar Daddy

By Brook

Oct 28, 2016

The road to a perfect Sugar relationship is paved with new experiences, which may include flying to a first date.

When done safely and smartly, you should have no problem traveling to meet a Sugar Daddy. You must first be wise to scams, and understand how to secure a Sugar date.

The Offer

In traditional online dating, asking you to travel somewhere for a first date might be a red flag. But Sugar dating comes with a different set of norms. Sugar Daddies are busy, traveling for work, and looking for a Sugar Baby for convenience. If you do not make things convenient for him, chances are he’ll move on.

The offer should be reasonable, and you probably shouldn’t travel more than 1,000 miles for a first meet. Be on the lookout for suspicious offers. If it seems too good to be true, or like a huge amount of money, this is likely a scam or Salt Daddy.

First Things First

Traveling to meet a Sugar Daddy means trusting him. For bookings, you’ll need to give him your first and last name, and birthday, maybe more. He needs to make you feel at ease in texts and messages before you make the decision to meet.

Skype or FaceTime with him multiple times beforehand. I suggest a few “Skype dates” for a week or two prior to the trip. You’re bound to figure out whether there are good vibes that way.

Book Me

In order for him to pay for your hotel and flight, you’ll have to give him your name for the booking. I would not trust anyone who says they are going to reimburse you for these fees, and wants you to pay.

“But Brook, I don’t want to give him my name!” It’s a double edged sword. He doesn’t want to  send you money because you could ghost, and you want privacy. One of you is going to have to be a bit more trusting, or you’ll have to find a compromise.

All bookings must be in your name so you can make changes if need be. I suggest asking for your own hotel room If he’s a real Sugar Daddy, that should not be a problem. If he doesn’t like the idea, say you don’t know if you’ll use the room, but you want to have your own space and respect his for this first meet.

Sense of Security

Since he knows who you are, you should be able to know who he is. Ask for his real name and company name. Fun fact: if he’s rich, something about him is on the Internet. Somewhere. Find it. Use reverse image search on his pictures to see where else they appear online.

You also need to have a clear itinerary outlined including your hotel addresses, flight times, numbers, and his name. This should be given to a friend or family member with a plan for checking in with them. Let the friend know what room number you end up in once that’s sorted.

Go Fund Yourself

Above all, this should be a fun opportunity and maybe an experience in a new city. If you don’t have enough expendable income to get you out of there if shit hits the fan, then you should not go. Don’t expect anyone to bail you out if things don’t go as planned.

If you expect him to gift you for being there, that should be discussed previously. Go over when and what you will be gifted so it’s completely clear. More on discussing that with a Sugar Daddy in this blog. Do not expect to be “paid for your time” since that would make you an escort.

Bon Voyage

Traveling for a first meet should be done at your own discretion, and only when you feel completely safe. Yes, I’ve done this before, but it was with someone who put me at ease and was open about his information. If you’re more excited than scared to meet him, that should be an indicator of whether you should go through with it.