4 Types of POTs not Worth Your Sugar

By Lerato B.

Nov 13, 2018

The online dating world has created many-a-happy lovers and blissful arrangements, however, it has created a few monsters too and the Sugar Bowl is no exception. Here are the 4 types of POTs to be aware of on your Sugar search as you sift and sort your way to your ideal arrangement.

The Bread-Crumber

You meet online, hit it off virtually, move your conversation offline and before you know it, find yourself chatting almost daily if not several times a day. The connection is strong and he’s saying all the sweet things every SB wants to hear … until he gets his needs and desires met. This POT likes the attention, the flirting and texting. He’ll say just enough to keep you hanging on, but has no real desire to take things any further, commit to anymore or meet your needs and desires because he’s all out for Number One. He is a low-investment POT in every sense of the word so adjust your exceptions accordingly.

Tip: Enjoy the initial attention and flirting, but keep searching and leave your SD options wide open.

The Side-Bencher

He makes plans with you only to cancel on short notice, usually on the day of (how rude!) with a vague explanation like “something came up.”
This is often followed by little or no communication and when he eventually does get back in touch, he’s not overly apologetic and is oblivious to your wasted time and efforts leading up to that date. This is a POT who is either balancing two or more SBs and keeping his options open, but not being upfront about it. His ego thrives on having several SBs on the go, so he has most likely bumped you off for another SB.

Tip: If you suspect this of your POTs, keep your pre-date effort to a minimum, your travel costs low and expectations even lower.

The Ghoster

You’ve been on few or more dates and shared what you felt was a good connection only for him to vanish into thin air. He cuts off all communication without warning or notice across all your communications platforms. The worst of all POTs with extremely poor communication habits when it suits him. Ultimately, he values nobody but himself and thinks he’ll get away with it. Do yourself a massive favor and hashtag delete him ASAP.

Tip: His ghosting has nothing to do with you. Chances are he does this to others in his life such as friends, family, colleagues, etc. So ‘bye felicia’ him and move on because there’s a great SD out there with manners who’s waiting to appreciate you for the beautiful SB you are.

The Haunter

He’s ghosted you (see above) but occasionally pops up out of nowhere and likes or reacts to your social media posts. Like seriously? This POT is a game player. He’s testing the waters, spoiling for attention and in need of an ego stroke all at your expense. Meanwhile, for you, all he’s done is bring up feelings of rejection, disappointment, and anger when all you’re trying to do is stay fabulous and maintain a high vibration. Any SB who knows her true worth will block this low-vibe POT once and for all.

Happy Sugaring!