5 Date Ideas To Do with a Sugar Sister

By Julia Jones

Mar 30, 2019

If you and your daddy decide to explore the idea of you both having more than one sugar partner, the time will come where you may get yourself a sugar sister, and that will be a lot of work for the two of you, but it will also mean the potential to create something really amazing and you will have the option to have someone in your life that not just understands the sugaring lifestyle but understands your partner to a tee as well and that is something that could be really healthy for you, so let’s talk about how you can spend time with your sugar sister so that you two are able to bond and grow together- not just you two growing separately with the same daddy.

Spa Day

Take a classic approach to the girls day out and go to the spa with each other. I mean, I’m sure there is a quote out there about knowing a lot by a girl based on what color nail polish she chooses, right?

But the simple fact is, you two are both probably stressed, after all, who isn’t, so take the time to destress together and get to know each other. Chat about life, hobbies, work, or even daddy depending on if you two both seem comfortable with it and if not- it just means that you two need more time together, which is more than okay.

Learn something new or start a new business together

Do you and your sugar sister get along already? Why not focus on learning something new together, or if you have goals that line up, work on them together either by starting a business with each other or just by working on your goals with each other.

Shopping, lunch, and your typical girls day out

Another classic approach to the girls day out. Shopping (Maybe even if daddy’s card if he’s okay with it) and lunch is always an awesome way to go and it’s a great way to see what your sugar sister is like based on the stores she enjoys, the products she buys, and where you two go for lunch. It’s also a great way for you to relax, get some errands done, and have a good bite to eat!

Stay at Daddy’s and relax

You don’t have to go out in order to take some time to go on a sister-date with your POT sugar sister. Spend some time at home, in your PJs and get to know each other with an at-home spa day, movie night, or night in baking.

Speaking of baking, you two can make daddy something special and you can spend your time either at your place or at daddies so that you two are both waiting for him when he gets home and so you both can spoil daddy a little while still getting to know each. Staying in might seem like a bad idea, but it could be a nice way to not have to worry about if things get awkward and may feel a lot easier to open up about any struggles.

Do something that involves each other hobbies

Plan for two activities in one day and have both of you pick one. It will be a great way for both of you to feel like you don’t have to worry about planning a super awesome day and it will be an awesome way for you two to show each other your passions and for you two to potentially find a hobby for you to have together, which in turn is a great way to build a friendship- right?