4 Types of Arrangements to Ask For, and How to Ask for Them!

By Julia Jones

Sep 13, 2018

When it comes to the arrangements, there are a few different types and each one has its’ benefits. Different people will like different ones, and will benefit from them in different ways so let’s talk about them and let’s talk about how to ask for them. I’ve come to find that one of the best ways you can ask for your sugar is by deciding which type you want most, and then moving from there. It’s important to find a type of arrangement that works for everyone involved but before you do that, you have to understand the common types of arrangements and the pros and cons to them. Always remember, just because one type piques your interest the most doesn’t mean your arrangement can’t be more than one type!


What it is: Most of the titles pretty much explain what they mean, but in case you need it; an allowance is either a weekly or a monthly lump sum of money given to the sugar baby

How to ask for it: Put it right out there that you would like this, then give two or three reasons. Your savings goal, your bills, or maybe just the fact that you don’t feel like you need gifts at the moment and you’re happy with your living situation.

Pros: You know it’s coming weekly. You have the ability to put the money towards whatever you need.

Cons: A lot of POT’s may not like this option because it is very easy to get taken advantage of. It’s also easy for a sugar baby to get taken advantage of. A good way to make sure both parties come out happy with the situation is to break the allowance up into two payments. One at the beginning of the week/month and one at the end. Then the POT doesn’t feel like the sugar baby can just ghost whenever they want, but the sugar baby also doesn’t have the fear of the POT holding that allowance over their head.


What it is: Gifts, travel, and a lavish lifestyle. Some babies like to get spoiled and there is nothing wrong with that! Some POTs like to give gifts, especially if they are looking for something discrete and don’t want there to be lump sums of money leaving the bank account.

How to ask for it: If you’re looking to be spoiled, chances are there is a reason for it. I’ve talked to some sugar babies that took a psychological look at it and realized that they wanted to be spoiled because their whole life they had never felt spoiled. Others admitted that they just didn’t need the money, so they wanted to gifts. Some got a rush from being gifted, some said if they were given an allowance they would just keep it all in the bank and they didn’t want to do that, and some just liked being surprised with gifts, travel, and so on. They got a rush from seeing what their POT would come up with.

Pros: This is great for a sugar baby that likes to go shopping! It’s also a good way for a POT to spoil a sugar baby and not have lump sums of money leaving the bank account. For any sugar baby that isn’t hurting for money, this is also a good option.

Cons: You can’t really invest in a pair of Parada and get a return on it. But, I mean, that’s the only con I can think of. Until you run out of room in your closet for all those shoes.


What it is: Some sugar babies and sugar parents like to have their partner living with them.

How to ask for it: This is something you might want to bridge after knowing your POT for a while, and trusting them. Otherwise, you could get yourself into a really annoying or dangerous situation. Just tell them that you are thinking of looking for a new place and ask how they would feel about the idea of spending more time together. If they are into the idea, they will let you know, if not- well, there isn’t much point in fighting about it.

Pros: Free rent? Hell yeah. Plus you’d get to see your POT all the time, which would be cool too. And it’s always fun moving somewhere new.

Cons: Roommates suck sometimes. You might also have to listen to shitty music if they don’t have good taste. That’s enough to ruin any sort of relationship, in my opinion.


What is it: Need some help with a business? Or maybe you want to get coached through something that your POT excels at? This is the kind of arrangement for those who want to grow.

How to ask for it: Leet your POT know that finances aren’t a concern to you but that you think them excelling in ______ field is inspiring, and that you have a passion for _____, and that you’d like their expertise and you’d like to pick their brain- maybe over dinner. After you break the ice, express that there are several classes, courses, products, or books you’ve been thinking about investing in and ask for their input.

Pros: This is great for a boss babe sugar baby. The kind that wants to build a business or is already building one and might not need the financial help in ways other than just her business. It’s also a great option for you and your POT to bond over a common interest.

Cons: This isn’t for everyone, and the only major con is that if you’re not seeking mentorship, it’s not for you.