5 Ways For A Sugar Daddy To Ask a POT Out

By Julia Jones

Mar 15, 2019

We write a lot of posts for Sugar Babies on here, but this one is for you, Sugar Daddies. This one is here to help make your life easier and let’s face it, that is something we all want. Let’s say for example you’ve been talking to a POT that is really awesome and really interesting and beautiful- She’s the full package, just like you want any sugar baby to be. But, you haven’t asked her out yet. Maybe because you’re nervous or it’s just because you’re not quite sure how to do it. Either way, here are 5 ways for a Sugar Daddy to ask a POT out.

Be playful

When you ask her out, ask her to coffee just so you can “make sure she isn’t a catfish, after all, someone as amazing as her might not even be a possibility” and it might just make her laugh so hard she says yes. When it comes down to it, it is a sweet compliment that she will love and will make her smile.

Ask her about her hobbies

The best way to plan an awesome date is to tailor it around her hobbies, so casually ask her about her hobbies so that you’re able to find the right one and blow her mind. Talk to her about the things she’s passionate about and it will just come across as you wanting to get to know her better. If she says she loved rock climbing and you take her rock climbing, it will seem like you not only plan amazing dates but also listen and remember key details.

Tickets to a concert

Who doesn’t love going to check out a new concert? Why not surprise her with tickets to a concert that either she loves or has never heard of before.

Make sure you give yourselves enough time to hang out either before or after, though! You want to make sure it’s not just a fun date but also a chance to make sure you two get to know each other.

Make her plan her own date

If you feel like being creative, get her to plan her own date without even having her suspect it. Ask her what she would do if money wasn’t a limit, what her ideal date is, her hobbies or about places that she enjoys in the city or places that she would like to try that she hasn’t gotten a chance to.

If you guys communicate over text you will basically have a list that you will be able to pick and choose from. All you will have to do is put everything together, make the reservations, schedule it, and tell her when and where to meet you. Sounds simple enough, right?

Not to mention, you’ll show her just how creative you can be and you’ll blow her mind by combining so many things that she loves to do. She will love it!

A new restaurant in town

Take her out to somewhere new in town. It doesn’t have to be a restaurant but make the point of giving her a “first” with you on your first date. That way it will be memorable no matter what. If you two enjoy it, it can become your spot- and you’ll be setting yourself up for having the perfect place to take her on special dates like anniversaries or any night that you want to make sure you do something special for her that she will never forget.