7 Tips To Moving In With Daddy

By Julia Jones

Apr 13, 2019

Moving in with daddy is an awesome opportunity to not only get to know him better and build your relationship, but it also allows you to cut down on your bills, and if you’re spending all your time with him anyways, it just makes sense but before you jump into anything, check out this list.

Do it at the Right Time

Don’t rush into anything just because the idea may be exciting. Make sure that both you and daddy are taking the time to make sure that this is the right choice for both of you and make sure that you’re not just doing it because it either sounds like a good idea or because one of you is being pressured into it.

Talk about it Beforehand

Make sure the two of you take the time to talk about this. Make a date of it and talk about everything that you can think of. Money, commitment, schedule, and whatever fears you may have. Take a few weeks to discuss everything and give yourselves time to think it over on your own. Make sure this is something you want.

Test it Out Before Making it Official

Before you two make anything official, make sure that you take a couple of weeks to test things out. That way you can make sure that it not only sounds good but is and feels good. The simple fact is, even if it sounds like a good idea it doesn’t mean that it actually is. Before you go ahead and move all your stuff in, do a simple test run so that if it doesn’t work, you don’t have to spend weeks moving back out.

It may sound a lot more fun to just jump in head first and move all your stuff over, but take things slow and it will pay off in the long run.

Set Expectations

Be clear on what you’re going to expect from each other right from the get-go so that there are no surprises. Is he going to expect you to take care of house and home? Are you going to expect him to do that? It’s important to know what kind of things you two are going to expect from each other right off the bat, that way you aren’t changing the rules of the game after the game has started.

Talk about Your Money and Decide how the Bills will be Handled

You two should have a money talk. After all, it’s important to know where you both stand with your finances. And how will bills be handled? It’s important to know up front where you and daddy are going to be on things like these so that neither of you is blindsided after you’ve moved in together.

Talk about the Chores

Again, this is an important one. Most couples who move in together don’t talk about this and then have a sore realization when one person expects the other to do the majority of the work.

How will chores be divided? Is it 50/50? Is there one chore that you refuse to do? Is there one that daddy hates the most? Work with each other on this to see how you can make everything work.

Decide what will Happen if Things Don’t Work Out

While it’s not fun to think about, having an escape route is always a good idea. It’s important to talk about what will happen if things don’t work out. If you two move in together and you don’t enjoy it will you stay together but get your own places again or is that not an option?

Who gets to keep the place if things don’t work out? Cover all your bases before moving in and you’ll not only have a plan but you’ll have a piece of mind as well.