Does Age Really Matter?

By Bria Lea

Dec 08, 2017
I met an older man. He is about 30 years older than me to be exact. And we hit it off in the beginning when we first met. I’ve never experienced anything like that before. When we first met I automatically became attracted to him and didn’t care that he was way older. After we hooked up, I remember we still continued to talk but after a while, things just got salty and it stopped. I had to stop and ask myself for future relationships, does age really matter?

Does Age Really Matter?

You can’t judge someone based on their age. Just because they’re older, you might think they’ll take care of you and be giving. It could also be the opposite. Learn from experiences in Sugaring. Find someone older or younger, not thinking of age at first. Sugaring is knowing that you can give and receive fun. Don’t make pre-judgements on how age may affect the relationship. Sometimes older can be way better and provide for you in new ways. Conversely, sometimes younger giving you a fresh outlook.

Age is Just a Number

Does age really matter when it comes to dating and Sugaring? It’s important not to judge someone by their age. If you like them  go for it. A twenty-five year old could be super sexually attracted to a fifty-year-old man because he is  financially secure and loyal. This is rather than someone her age who is just getting out of college. Maybe that’s what really attracts you to someone else, is their age, if they’re way older and you like that or something that keeps you younger and feeling alive.

Most of the time, you’re more likely to attract someone who is of your age or a bit older, especially when it comes to finding a good sugar daddy. The older, the more they might tend to give you more and be supportive in different ways because they’re more mature and have more experience in life than you. It could also work the opposite and you’re the one to take a stand for yourself not really caring about age because you just become so connected, want more than sex, and evolve through sugaring and being supportive. Age really is just a number.


There’s nothing wrong with dating younger men, like five years younger than you. Especially if your an older women, you might like it a little better because they can keep up with you and keep it young and lively. Dating younger men can be really awesome because it makes you feel more experienced and that you have the upper hand in a way.

Anywhere from one to seven years of a younger age doesn’t really make a big difference. It just shows that you’re willing to meet new people of younger and older ages and are up to sugaring no matter how old they might be. Sugaring with a younger guy empowers you to know how you can improve in dating and further understand how age doesn’t really matter if you want really good sex or true love. Cougaring is the aspect of not caring about the age of someone that you begin to see and not judging based on how old someone old it.

The Older, The Better

Older men are so much better sometimes because they can be more mature and more experienced. Or just the total opposite, it totally depends. What really attracts you to older men is their wisdom. You know when someone is much older than you, when either you can tell because of their wrinkles and overall being is aged, or they act older than they really are.
It can be different in any situation; just because they’re older doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to do a lot more or less for you than someone younger. You never know who you could meet, where or how but when you do, don’t judge based on their age.