Lets Talk Allowance

By Julia Jones

Apr 20, 2019

A set allowance is the most common type of arrangement- and by that I don’t mean it’s what everyone does, I mean it’s what everyone seems to think about when they think about sugaring- and I believe that has a lot to do with how sugaring is shown in movies and on TV but the fact is, like most things, TV sometimes gets things wrong so let’s talk a little bit more about how to make the most of getting or giving an allowance.

Who this is best for

This is before for anyone who is in a long term arrangement or those who are looking to get involved in one. While Pay Per Meet is a great way to get to know each other, it can get old and it can get expensive if you two are seeing each other often; so a lump sum every month can not only be more functional for both of you but it can also be a sense of security for both the sugar baby and the sugar daddy involved. After all, the sugar baby will know there is a lump sum coming in every month and the sugar daddy will know that his sugar baby plans on sticking around for a while.

How often to do it

A lot of people think of an allowance as something that is done monthly, but that’s not always the case, when it comes down to it, you and your POT can talk things out and decide what will work best for you both. This can be a couple of times a month (like weekly or during the first and last week of the month) or it can be all up front at either the beginning or the end of the month- it all depends on what works best for the people involved.

How much should you ask for or should you give

It’s important to have an idea for both the sugar daddy and a sugar baby in terms of how much they will exchange. The low end tends to be around $500 a week or $2,000 a month, when you get to the average it goes up to about $700 a week or an even $3,000 a month and on the higher end you have anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500 a week which would range from $6,000 to $10,000 a month.

But it’s also important to take into account living expenses. A daddy should always make sure to take care of his baby’s needs and it’s always nice for her to be able to have a little bit of extra money to be able to spend as need be or just to spoil herself with.

Making the most of an allowance

When it comes down to an allowance, it’s important to make sure that you as a sugar baby are able to cover all the costs that you need to cover. This includes rent, cars, bills, and of course you have to be able to put food in your belly. So, if you’re a sugar baby make sure that you’ve done the math and you know what your living expenses are so that you don’t have to ever worry about making ends meet as long as you have a sugar daddy. Anything on top of that is just a benefit

Important things to remember

When you start off with your allowance, it’s important to make sure it is something you and your daddy are both happy with; but that doesn’t mean it forever has to stay at that price. You two can work with it over time and you two can change the amount over time- nothing is set in stone.