Attending a Holiday Soiree with Daddy

By Lexie

Dec 15, 2015

Attending a holiday soiree with Daddy is the perfect opportunity to make a good impression, and show him you’re the type of Sugar he wants after the holidays are over.

Handling Holiday Treat Temptations

Holiday season is in full swing and sweet treats are within reach everywhere you turn. Ladies, sweet treats are oh so delicious but not exactly nutritious. Nibbling on decadent delights may make you feel happy and warm inside, but the few moments it takes to enjoy the chocolate brûlée means extra time shaving it off in the gym. Work smarter not harder. Have a game plan before attending the holiday soirée.

You’re the +1

Company holiday parties are not complete without a gorgeous significant other. Who wants to show up to a social function solo? Not many! Hopefully you’ve been asked to be his plus one for the party, maybe you even have a few invitations. Lucky you! Being mindful of what comes out of your mouth is just as important as what goes in it. I’m talking about the yummy tiramisu and peppermint bark treats waiting to be devoured at the center table. Make a smart choice, go for the fresh fruit platter, you’ll be glad you did.

Limit your Alcohol

You’re well into the party and so far have managed to avoid the treats, but the wine is too hard to pass up. How often does a lady get to drink the finest wine? You’ve already had a few glasses of Chardonnay and the banquet staff offers another varietal. Laughing merrily with your date and his comrades you take the Pinot Gris and start sipping away. A few too many drinks in and you’re feeling more than happy. Time to close out for the night and go for water instead.

Work the room

Party goers want to meet the wide array of guests, but in doing so don’t spread yourself too thin. You went ahead and enjoyed a few conversations with some ladies you clicked with, and discussed the irresistible peppermint bark . The dessert table might be overflowing with eye-candy, but be sure to make it back to your date and make him fee special. Others may try and tempt you, but be sure to let him know they can loo but they can’t touch.

Sugar for the Road

Don’t forget to pass out your business cards. The party is coming to an end, you engaged in pleasant conversation and made some new business connections. You even showed off some of your moves on the dance floor! Way to work the room with tact and grace. Your date was impressed with your presentation. He’s been seductively eyeing you all night wanting to get a taste of your sweetness. You were good all night, might as well be a little naughty. Remember PDA stays on the down low. He thanks you for a wonderful evening and surprises you with something sweet for the road, yay!

Happy holidays!

XO Lexie