Breaking Up With a Sugar Daddy

By Liam

Nov 26, 2016

If you’ve ever had a relationship that didn’t work out, you probably know that breaking up sucks. It’s for that reason that truly calling things off with someone is difficult to do. Maybe he isn’t being as generous as before, maybe he isn’t giving you as much attention

For whatever reason you realise that a breakup is required. And that’s okay! However, we never want to inflict pain on to someone, especially someone who can be an asset even when you’re no longer together.

If you know breaking is for the best, you mustn’t hesitate even if the Sugar is flowing. Who knows, maybe after them you find the perfect one. I’ve compiled some great tips for breaking up with a Sugar Daddy, all while staying sweet.

TIP ONE: Forget the past, focus on the present.

Perhaps that time he surprised you with flowers was cuter than a Drew Barrymore romcom. And maybe the pet names he gave you still makes you smile… but that was before you wanted to break up with him. Think about what he’s doing CURRENTLY, and how it’s led to you to the break up. Forget all about what he has done for you in the past, focus on what he is not doing for you now.

Men aren’t mind readers and we can’t expect them to notice any of these dire changes. Allow a conversation to occur where you let him know, and see where things go from there. If he wants to get back to being that Sugar Daddy who gave you the flowers and pet name, maybe he is worth keeping. If not, move on to the next one.

TIP TWO: Get a job.

For you to make a clean break from your Sugar Daddy, and delete him from your phone – you first need to start becoming financially independent. If you can’t do that, learn to live without the Moschino, massages, etc. Otherwise you’ll just go back to this guy every time Beyonce starts selling concert tickets, or whatever you’re into.

By keeping you financially dependent and allowing a misbalanced relationship to continue, you’ll have a level of doubt hanging over your head. With a job and a steady paycheck coming in, you won’t have to worry about. This doesn’t have to be a long term, *ahem* arrangement; but it should be something that’ll be able to tide you over until you find the next, and hopefully more perfect “Mr. Right”. If Fiona Coyne on Degrassi can do it…so can you.

TIP THREE: Exit swiftly, and with intent.

After you’ve made it clear that their is no chance of returning to the arrangement, ensure he understands that you can still be friends afterwards, but not friends with benefits. Don’t have any sudden regrets. You need to move on and avoid reaching out to him, but always keep him in your back pocket in case you need his expertise in the future.

He needs space to move on, and so do you! With your new found job (See: Tip Two!) you shouldn’t have to contact him, but if you ever feel motivated, refocus that onto a new POT or past date which you want to explore further. Leave the past in the past, and don’t allow him to weasel his way back in – the same way you shouldn’t push yourself back into his life especially when you were the one to break up with him!

And that is it! Three simple steps to a clean cut and easy break up, with less emotional baggage and way more freedom. Enjoy it!