Breaking Up with Daddy

By Rachel

Jan 06, 2016

Overtime an arrangement can fizzle out just like those final fireworks on New Year’s Eve, making it no different from a normal relationship heading down breakup lane. Despite the allowance and gifts, you are unsatisfied, yearning for something or someone different. Whatever your reasons may be, one thing is for sure, the chemistry you once had for your Sugar Daddy no longer flourishes like it used to and the time has come. It’s time to kick Daddy to the curb, or back to his mansion. Here’s the adult way to breakup with Daddy properly:

Be Mature
The reason many of us join SeekingArrangement in the first place is because we are tired of immaturity, lack of chivalry, and all the other douche stigmas attached to men our age. You should always hold yourself to the same standards. Please do not text your Sugar Daddy saying “This isn’t working out anymore.” He is a big boy, and has probably been through multiple breakups–even divorce for some. Whether you’ve found the one you want to marry, or plan on moving to another country, be straightforward.

Meet in person if at all possible. If you are in a long distance arrangement with no plans of seeing each other in the immediate future, give the courtesy of a phone call to discuss the situation. The conversation should be direct, no need to discuss the weather. State how you feel and why you want to discontinue the arrangement.

Look Forward
What makes breakups so hard is we constantly  look backwards. Forget about what he has done for you in the past, focus on what he is doing for you presently. Whether you’re bored or he is slacking on his end of the arrangement, don’t hold onto great memories from six months ago. Think in the present and feel for the future. This isn’t true love, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, so if you are unhappy with the arrangement now, you most likely will feel like the same a month from now.

A self-respecting Sugar Baby does her best not to burn bridges with people she’s shared bonds with or have elevated her life. While no one can predict the other person’s reaction after a breakup, most arrangements have a higher percentage of ending amicably. Any wealthy benefactor whose bestowed on you wisdom, guidance, or mentorship should be left in your back pocket. End the conversation with gratitude. In business, when you part with your partner, whose relationship has been successful and mutual, it’s good form to walk away with a smile.

Have you ever ended an arrangement with a Sugar Daddy?